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Thinking about getting a home broadband connection? Then youmight have a few questions. Today we're answering the most commonly askedquestions about broadband services, to help you make your decision. So, beforeyou sign up with a provider, read on....What Kind of Connection Should I Get?You have four options for how to get your broadband service,and some of them are better than others. By far the most common ways to getbroadband internet are either DSL or cable. A cable connection uses the samenetwork that brings cable TV into your house, and so it's usually, but notalways, combined with a TV package. It's pretty affordable and reliable, andspeeds can be good. But the speed you get will depend on how many people areusing the same service in your area. This might be a problem for people in busyareas where many customers use the same service. DSL uses telephone lines inand around your house to get data to and from your computer. Unlike older dial upinternet, you can still use your phone whilst you're on the internet. This isthe most convenient option for many people, since most houses already have therequired telephone wires. Again, it's affordable and reliable. Speeds willdepend on how far you are from a phone switching station, but in an urban areathis isn't a problem, and only the most isolated rural areas with have issueswith this. Fibre optic is the newest kind of broadband connection, and itoffers much faster speeds than any other option. But not everyone in the UK canaccess a fibre optic network, and packages can be expensive. Finally, satellitebroadband is the slowest option around, and also has pretty hefty installationfees. But for people living in extremely isolated areas, satellite broadbandmight be the only way that they can get service.Which Provider Should I Use?There are plenty of providers on the UK market, but not allproviders cover all areas. This makes recommending one provider for everyonequite difficult. The best thing that you can do is research options in yourarea online. Firstly, you need to look for which companies provide service toyour locality. You will then want to check on each provider's web page, whereyou should find somewhere to enter your post code to check that they do givegood service in your area. You should also look at online speed tests to seewhat kind of average speeds a provider gives in your area. It's a good idea toask your neighbours which providers they use, and whether or not they're happywith their speeds.Why Should I Consider Business Broadband Packages?If you freelance or run a business from home, then businessbroadband packages are worth looking at. A normal broadband package is fine formost regular users. But business broadband packages offer special services tobusiness customers. They tend to have high data limits. Plus, they usually comewith a lot of technical support, including twenty four hour hotlines that youcan call in case of problems. And many business packages have extra serviceslike static IP addresses that business users may want to take advantage of.Why Should I Combine My Services?Combining more than one service into a contract is calledbundling. The advantage of bundling is that you get a far cheaper price thanyou would if you bought each service separately on a separate contract. Withmany broadband providers you can combine either phone and internet, TV andinternet, or all three services together to get better prices. If you want tosave some money, then bundling is a good idea.What's a Data Cap?Some broadband packages will give you a data cap, which is amonthly limit for the amount of data that you can use for your fixed monthlyfee. Everything you do on the internet uses some data, whether it's opening aweb page, downloading or watching a video. With a capped package all of thisdata will add up until you reach your monthly limit. What happens after youreach your monthly limit will depend on the provider. Sometimes your internetspeeds will be slowed, occasionally service will be cut off completely, andsometimes you'll simply be charged more money for using extra data. If youdon't like the idea of a data cap, you can get an unlimited data plan.What's the Difference Between Unlimited and Truly Unlimited?If you're observant you'll notice that some providers offerunlimited internet whilst some offer truly unlimited, and these two things areactually different. Truly unlimited packages quite simply mean that you can useas much data as you wish, so you can do whatever you want on the internetwhenever you want. Unlimited packages are a little different. Unlimited willmean that the provider employs a fair usage policy. This policy will allow theprovider to slow down your data speeds if they think that you're using too muchdata, or during peak periods when many people are online. For the average user,a fair usage policy shouldn't really be a problem, since it's unlikely thatyou're going to use enough data for the provider to really do anything. If you'rea heavy user though, you might want to go with a truly unlimited plan. Also, beaware that if everyone in your family is using the same connection and the samecontract, then it's possible that you'll trigger the fair usage policy simplybecause the company will consider everyone in your household to be the sameuser.How Long Do I Need to Sign Up For?Broadband contracts come in a variety of lengths, andgenerally you can sign up for anywhere from twelve months to twenty fourmonths. Usually, monthly rates are cheaper on longer contracts. But do rememberthat breaking a broadband contract can be expensive, so you'll want to try tostick with the provider for the entire contract period, which may affect howlong you're willing to sign up for. Article Tags: Questions About Broadband, Business Broadband Packages, Fair Usage Policy, Questions About, About Broadband, Broadband Service, Many People, Business Broadband, Broadband Packages, Monthly Limit, Truly Unlimited, Fair Usage, Usage Policy



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