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One of the coolest things about tattoos is, that every-body’s tattoo has a different meaning and means something different to them. So it is always fascinating to find out why people got the tattoo they did and if there is any significant meaning behind them.Mark Wahlberg and Ludacris also known as Chris Bridges, both star in the movie “Max Payne”. Which surprisingly enough tattoos kind of play an important role in this movie. It seems that a mysterious tattoo reappears on murdered victims in the movie. So this got reporters wondering if Mark and Ludacris had any tattoos and if so what the meanings of their tattoos were.Mark said:“Yeah, I’ve got a couple tattoos. I have rosary beads around my neck; it says “In God I Trust.” When I was in jail [at age 16, for assault], I got a pair of rosary beads, and I wore them all the time. They were just plastic, so they just broke. So I just had the tattoo put around my neck.And I got a Sylvester the cat tattoo covering up an old gang tattoo on my leg. I got [the gang tattoo] when I was 12. When I was 17, I got it covered up [with Sylvester] because that was the only thing that would hide the other tattoo.”Ludacris said:“I have some praying hands on one of my arms. You wake up, and you go to sleep, and you thank God for everything you have. That’s pretty much the meaning behind that. I have Jesus on a cross on my other arm. That last one is a “Disturbing tha Peace” symbol, which is my record label that I started and dedicated my life to.”Your Tattoo FriendAshley



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