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Conventions are valuable opportunities for your company. They create chances to attract many potential customers in a short amount of time. A pivotal way to grab the attention of attendees is with trade show booths that are eye catching and The Golden Rule of Small Business MarketingSolving the Marketing vs Operations RiddleAs a current small business owner and corporate marketing manager, I have seen marketing from both sides of the fence. The big corporations tend to rely on

There’sa question in my intake packet for new clients titled, “Whatis holding you back or slowing your progress?”, as it relatesto attracting all the clients they need and having a full practice. Havingworked with hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years, I’ve seen it all.Other than “no knowledge of marketing,” one thing seems to come up over andover again, and it happened again this week, with a brand new client. Theclient answered this: “Sometimes, the ‘Little Voice’ inside me asks, ‘Who needsmy program anyway? Thisis basic information that I offer. People already know this stuff!’” This is socommon, but in most every case, this is absolutely not accurate. I haveto admit, in the past, I too have taken for granted what I already know andteach everyday and started questioning my value in the marketplace. For example, when I was teaching holisticnutrition years ago, I sometimes wondered why people were paying me (or WOULDpay me) to teach them about whole foods versus processed foods. To me, it was ano-brainer that brown rice was more healthful than white. But to a person whogrew up on Twinkies, it was crucial that I explain it to them in detail, andthen the shortcuts to fitting in those brand new foods into their busy life. Iwould also question the value of the cooking classes I gave once a month to 15or 20 people crammed in my living room. As I was stirring carrots and onions onmy Coleman grill in the middle of my tiny apartment, I couldn’t help but think“Are these simple recipes REALLY of value to them?” (I’d been through seriousBoot Camp at the French Culinary Institute, so this came naturally to me.) Butthey kept showing up, asking questions, and referring friends. Go figure! Evenin the early years of my business coaching practice, I sometimes wondered aboutmy value. Clientsasked me daily about the secrets of getting clients to call THEM and making alot more mo-ney with smart marketing techniques and even smarter systems. Forme, it was now ingrained and like second nature. I took for granted that I knewit, and because I’d been doing it for so long and knew that it worked, Ithought everyone knew it too and that it was common sense. On thecontrary! What’s common knowledge for us, is a secret to someone else. Becausewe “bathe” in our information all day long, and for years, we start taking forgranted what we know. We forget what we know is actually a secret many otherswould do anything and everything to discover. It becomes the answer to theirmost pressing problem. It becomes the solution others have been praying for.And that’s when they call us. Ifyou’re in this situation, you are probably OVER-estimating what everybody elseknows. Themore common what you teach is to YOU and the longer you do what it is you do,the more you tend to undervalue what you know. The ironyhere, as I’ve discovered, is that the more we teach things to our clients inSIMPLE terms, the happier they are, the more referrals we get and the morewe make. It’s not the convoluted teachings that people are looking for. It’sthe practical and simple solutions. Thereal shame about the whole undervaluing what you know is that as a result, youmay be undercharging for what you offer. This is actually one of the major reasonswhy most people don’t have enough clients. Because they don’t see value in whatthey offer, they don’t charge enough, and there is therefore a low perceptionof value from the prospective client’s point of view. They then go somewhereelse for the same exact information. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy! Someentrepreneurs even go so far as discounting their services, or offering asliding scale, because of their lack of confidence and low perception ofvalue in what they offer. In my book, discounting is a BIG no-no. Again, itportrays a devalued product or service and it’s NOT Client Attractive. YourClient Attraction Assignment: Notice that your clients came to YOU for the information youtake for granted. Sometimes, they may even have known some of what you know,but didn’t have the discipline, accountability, resources or structure to do iton their own. Many of my clients KNOW how to attract other clients, they’realready somewhat successful, but they don’t have the discipline oraccountability to do it consistently on their own. So we do it together. Thisis actually my favorite type of scenario, because these clients are very drivenand since we’re not starting from scratch in the learning process, we move atwarp speed.Be confident in what you offer. Read your testimonials over andover until your confidence comes back.See yourself as their problem solver. Charge accordingly andnever discount your services. Ever.



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