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Torres del Paine is among the biggest of Chile’s national parks, occupying almost 600,000 acres (242,000 ha) of land in the south on the border with Argentina. It is also among the most important, receiving a significant proportion of domes Like any American, traveling occasionally is just what I love doing and I bet you share the same stuff with me. But traveling does not mean that you would be safe. Escaping from our job and other stressful activities is just something that w

Packing for a weekend trip can be hard. People have a tendency to pack far more than what is needed. I have some basic steps to help pick out the essentials.Fist consider where you are going and what will be included in the itinerary. This can cut down on needless items.In one small bag pack personal belongings. This would include travel sized toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving cream, razor, and soap. You can also pack travel sized shampoo, but most hotels provide this. The hotel soap just isn't big enough. I recommend taking that with you. Women can include the makeup they will need and hairspray in this bag. A larger suitcase will be needed for the rest of the items. Start with a curling iron or flat iron if needed. Shoes will be put in this bag, as well. I recommend wearing one pair of shoes and adding a different coloured pair in the bag. This will give a choice of styles without overloading the bag. Pick out three outfits. This will be three shirts, three pair of pants, three pair of underwear, and three pair of socks. To maximize space rolling the clothes is highly recommended. If possible pick out clothes that do not wrinkle. Travel irons can be packed, but most hotels have an ironing board and iron in the room. If there isn't one a call to the front desk can solve this problem. Pick out nightclothes to add to the bag.Depending on weather, a jacket can be taken in the bag. If visiting cooler areas than your own this is an important step not to forget. In a Ziploc bag accessories can be placed and added to the bigger bag. This way earrings do not get lost and necklaces can ride safely. For women, scarves or any belts for a change of outfits can be placed, as well.Women can carry important documents in their purse such as driver's license and passports if needed. Men can add this in a small bag and place in the larger bags.With these tips hopefully the next trip will be lighter and not enough clothes for a month instead of a weekend break. If your travel plans include getting a flight then the ability to pack light will save you some hard earned cash. Also sometimes the aspect of leaving your house quickly adds a little excitment to your trip. Article Tags: Weekend Trip, Three Pair



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