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When you set out to purchase a digital camera, there are certainrudimentary facts which you must be keep in mind. In fact, a digitalcamera is no different from a film camera, with the exception of asilicon image sensor. This is the most significant feature which putsdigital photography in a class of its own. With the rise in demand,these cameras have flooded the market with different features to appealto the taste of the consumers. The quality on offer is pretty good andyou should buy the camera with the most affordable price tag, havingjust the features you always dreamed of and which of course should beable to click the most delightful photos.Make up your mind:When you start shopping for a digital camera, you will often be plaguedwith thoughts of whether you should wait for some more time to get theimproved version of the present day camera. And this is one fact whichyou must accept that the model you buy will be obsolete in a few monthsonly. As with all things digital, the market is always in an innovativeframe of mind. You can take heart from the fact that `new` does notnecessarily mean `improved`. For all you know, you might buy a modelwhich excels in all departments and will dominate the market for a fewyears at the least. You need to focus on your basic requirement of thedigital camera and not worry too much about the minute changes indesign and features. Outline your budget:The first thing which will help you decide on a particular model is theprice you are willing to pay. Whether you want a point-and-shoot or apro-level SLR, the price you can afford will narrow down your choicesto a small range of cameras. And within your budget, you need to findout your requirements first. You will have to opt for a high resolutioncamera if you want to shoot large, high-resolution prints. However, adigital SLR will do if you want good image quality and flexibility.However, if portability is your concern, then a small point-and-shootwill suffice. Once you define your type of shooting, you will not beconcerned by the entry of better digital cameras in the market.Keep an eye on the resolution:After deciding on how much you can afford to pay for a digital camera,the next big decision will be regarding resolution. You must be carefulhere as you will be surely attracted towards the camera with thehighest resolution within your price range. But you must remember thatmore is not always better. Again, you need to be specific about yourrequirements. There is no use going for a higher resolution if it isnot required by you. Besides, a higher resolution does not always meanbetter picture quality. Since the quality of the pixels is as importantas the number of pixels, higher resolution is not the answer to abetter picture. Get the best one for your money:The exact print size that you will require will help you judge theexact resolution. Then you can get the best prints for the size yourequire and also enjoy the options of getting a slightly larger printor cropping the size to get a smaller print. Thus, price and resolutionare major decisions which will help you decide the type of digitalcamera you want to buy. The quality of the image sensor is another mainfeature. If you are really interested in buying the best digital camera, thenthe best way out is to conduct a survey of all the available productsand zero in on the one you want on the basis of price, resolution andof course, looks. Article Tags: Digital Camera, Higher Resolution



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