Why,Your,Enterprise,Needs,Inte technology Why Your Enterprise Needs an Intelligent Search Platform

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Data from Search Engine Land shows that more than 50% of all searches performed will be voice searches, by the end of the year 2020.Enterprise search has come a long way and search technologies in use today are far more advanced than the technology that was in use even a decade back. Today, enterprise search has become so complex that it can no longer be analysed using the traditional keyboard based approach. The major reason for this has been that enterprise data mostly comprises of unmanaged and unregulated unstructured data that is too complex for the traditional keyword approach. Today you have advanced platforms like Commvault that are built in with the most advanced text mining technology. 3RDiSearch is another search platform used by enterprises to find relevant deep insights from within the most complex unstructured data. These platforms are what we know as intelligent search platforms. They can be referred to as such because they have the potential within to understand a lot more than just the query and the terms in it. An intelligent search platform has built-in functionalities powered by advanced technology that include natural language processing, artificial intelligence, semantic search, content summarisation, machine learning and semantic enrichment, to name a few.The intelligent search engine works like virtual assistants that respond to voice commands of users. In other words, these platforms are designed in a way that they can understand spoken language, process it to fetch the desired results and then present it to the user in a language that they understand. In addition to that, an intelligent search platform can also fetch results that are relevant to the synonyms of the query as well. The fact is that with the rise of AI based devices, users today want the same level of interaction with their search engines, as they have with their virtual assistants at home. Another aspect to it is that users are becoming more and more used to the most accurate and relevant results, which is only possible to achieve with an AI powered platform. Intelligence is the key word these days and so it comes as no surprise that intelligent search platforms are experiencing increased demand and popularity among users. Enriched user experience is one of the key benefits of an intelligent search engine. The easier the user finds it to interact with the platform, the more enriched the user experience. The rapid research going on the fields of AI, machine learning, NLP and other allied technologies, is creating a picture that indicates that the future will be all about intelligent search software. As the volume of enterprise data continues to rise, it will become all the more complex to analyze and comprehend it, and this will make more and more businesses invest in intelligent search platforms. Another factor that contributes to the growth of search platforms that can intelligently decipher data, is the short attention span of users today who want the most relevant search results in the least amount of time. However, at the end of the day it all comes down to how one manages the intelligent search platform, on which its performance depends. To get the most accurate results, businesses need to give the platform access to the most relevant data and also ensure seamless data transfer as and when required. Another aspect of the intelligence of these platforms is the fact that they even analyze enormous volumes of undefined search logs to derive insights that can help businesses in informed decision making to steer business growth.



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