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WordPress and Drupal are the two widely used and best cms for developers all over the world. In order to create a website for your business, it is highly required to choose the right CMS platform that makes the best and attractive website.. If you want an open-source, user-friendly website building solution to your business, then this question is very important.Though you may get various range of opinions to create a website, we believe WordPress and Drupal are the best ones to use.For example, upon asking an experienced website or web application developer, you will come to know the two reigning kings of CMSs - WordPress and Drupal. A lot has been said about WordPress vs Drupal rivalry. It is because both CMS platforms have different technological skills, development ways, and significantly fulfills the goals of its users.It is true that Drupal is older than WordPress!Drupal currently powers the world’s 10% website while WordPress power more than 30% percent of the websites. As a result, there are more WordPress development services providers in USA.Their reach is high, yet WordPress’ reach is a lot higher in comparison to the Drupal. Regardless of their popularity in the website development world, both have different development goals.With such a huge gap of difference between their reach, you may wonder why are we even trying to compare both if there is no competition. Unfortunately, your assumption is wrong as both have different development aim and means depending upon your requirements.Are WordPress and Drupal Great?Yes, we can call WordPress and Drupal great CMS platforms as they are highly functional, easy to use, secure website development platform. For a highly skilled website programmer, Drupal, and WordPress, both acts as an asset in every project.Below are the 4 main reasons why both of these are great in building websites, web applications, plugins, modules, etc. Check each of them one by one:Drupal and WordPress are Affordable, customizable, open-source, and free to useBoth platforms are popular in the web development world. Their community is largely full of experts and developers and is 24x7 available to find the best website solutions.Both are user-friendly platforms and as compared to others, they have a greater extent to build anything ranging from small and large applications.Some notable examples of WordPress sites: Whitehouse.gov, Sony Mobile, University of Washington, Mercedes Benz, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, etc.Some notable examples of Drupal sites: the University of Colorado, State of Colorado, The Economist, Dallas Cowboys, Nasa.gov, etc.CMS Comparision: WordPress vs DrupalEase of use: WordPress is more user-friendly, easy to use for non-developers.Custom content types and views: Drupal has more flexible content types.Extensibility: Wordpress is more extensible and scalableCommunity: WordPress’ has a massive global community and Drupal’s community is also big.Drupal supports multilingual nature!Security: - WordPress is said to be hackable, while, Drupal has enterprise-level security.Fast Development: WordPress is a fast website development while Drupal is less resource-intensive.Add-ons: Wordpress gives ready-made plugins while Drupal offers you too many modules.Both of them are mobile-friendly, free to use, scalable, flexible, rich in SEO characteristics, publishes optimized content, and highly secure. Both can develop responsive design websites.How to Choose The Right CMS?Before you make a final decision and choose one of these any CMS, always keep in mind that both are best and generalized. Thus, it is possible to do complex things with both CMS.However, if you are able to understand the use case of both CMS solutions, then choosing the right website builder will become easy for you.Use Drupal when you need: Enterprise-level security, 5000+ pages website, app-like features, granular control over user permissions, best database facility, and complex site.Use WordPress when you need: Blog post platform, you yourself want to develop a website when you have no dev experience, your budget is limited, easy customization and plug-ins.In comparison to WordPress, we can call Drupal an absolute beast! Drupal has the best taxonomy and core structure that helps in building a website.Drupal as a CMS is the best choice for enterprise-level websites, web applications, rich functions, etc. Drupal is flexible for API development, caching features and robust solutions.CONCLUSIONNow you have learned a lot about both Drupal vs WordPress and it is your time to choose the best CMS platform for your business. Thus, choosing the platform depends upon you as it ultimately comes down to your needs.I am mean, What you want to make from using this CMS? Hence, the right CMS is that CMS which works easily gives you multiple features, makes your project rich-in features, increases the technical abilities, reduces the project complexity, and sets the project under your budget.If you are still not sure which will fulfill all your needs, then I would suggest that go with a top Drupal web development company in USA. Why Drupal?Because Drupal 9 which will launch in 2021 will clearly have the capability to beat WordPress at a global level. As a result, your present experience with Drupal will decide the future impact of your business growth. Article Tags: Have Different, Website Development, While Drupal



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Which CMS is Better - WordPress vs Drupal?

WordPress and Drupal are the two widely used and best cms for developers all over the world. In order to create a website for your business, it is highly required to choose the right CMS platform that makes the best and attractive website.. ...