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The scenario in Enterprises is changing rapidly across the globe, with more and more Enterprises embracing the concept of enterprise mobility.A study shows that 71% of enterprises count mobility as a top priority to stay competitive. – Wire19As the world goes increasingly mobile, with the number of mobile phone users increasing every minute, it's only logical that businesses also jump on this trend that is prevalent in the society today. What makes enterprise mobility all the more viable is the long list of benefits that it brings to an organisation. Below are few of them. Enterprise Mobility Benefits1] As more and more devices get added to the digital perimeter of an Enterprise, it results in increased level of security. All that is needed to boost security is a good enterprise mobility management solution.2] Enterprise mobility has proven to have a positive impact on the productivity of the employees in the organisation. One of the factors behind this is the familiarity of the employee with his/her own device, which is coupled by the freedom to work within the comfort of one's own home.3] In scenarios like something that we are experiencing today, enterprise mobility comes across to save the day. Without the right enterprise mobility solutions, it could never have been possible for so many people across the globe to seamlessly work from home.Why the Need for HRMS Mobile App Picture this: 80% of organizations across the globe will be investing in HR technology this year. – KPMGThe Human Resource Department plays a very important role in an organisation, as it manages everything from onboarding employees and training them, to monitoring their performance and managing payroll. An HRMS software that does not support enterprise mobility can be a hindrance. As enterprises go the mobile way, HRMS needs to go mobile as well to make it happen and this is the reason leading HRMS platforms in the market today have come up with well-designed mobile apps like Digital HRMS, Wallet HRMS, Pocket HRMS, and more. These mobile apps are designed to help enterprises go mobile without having to worry about the HR processes getting affected or the employees being at a loss when it comes to access to key information and basic activities.What an HRMS Mobile App Should ProvideUnderstandably, for employees who are working on the go, what's most important is access to all the key features and functionalities of the HRMS platform through a mobile app. Hence, a good mobile app should provide access to the following:The modules that the employees need to access most frequently.The very basic functionalities that every employee needs to have access to round the clock.HRMS related activities that the employee might require to perform even when he or she is outside the office premises.Here are some examples of the basic modules that one should expect from an ideal HRMS mobile app.Leave application module which allows employees to apply for leaves even when they are working from a remote location.Access to the payroll module to facilitate viewing and downloading payslips and other payroll details.Access to daily working hours and weekly working hours to help employees plan their tasks and working hours even when they are working from remote locations.Access to the basic details of the employees as well as important company policies.Access to online training for skill development.What Adds to the HRMS Mobile App ExperienceHaving looked at the key functionalities expected from an ideal HRMS mobile app, here are some factors that add to the experience of accessing the HRMS platform from a mobile device.A user interface that is intuitive and allows employees to perform the basic tasks quickly and effectively.Access to some information and details even when the app is offline.Alerts and notifications that keep the employee informed about the important announcements, events, etc. even when employee is working remotely.An intuitive dashboard with shortcuts to all the modules/activities that matter.A good HRMS mobile app has a lot of potential to drive the enterprise mobility initiatives of organizations today.After all, in order to make remote working successful, employees can’t do without access to the HRMS platform and this is possible only with a good mobile app.



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HRMS Mobile Apps Drive Enterprise Mobility Today

The scenario in Enterprises is changing rapidly across the globe, with more and more Enterprises embracing the concept of enterprise mobility.A study shows that 71% of enterprises count mobility as a top priority to stay competitive. Wire19A ...


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