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Now that you have decided on the type of digital camera you need, itsresolution and the price you are likely to pay for it, you must havecome close to making a decision about which models to consider. Butthere are still a few criteria to be evaluated before you take adecision. One of them is the basic photographic controls. There might be colorfulfeatures like automatic panorama modes and bracketed color parameters,but the ones you need are the basic controls which will help you totake your favorite shots. So the next thing you should look for are thecontrols in each model along with the interface which will make thesecontrols easier to understand and access. Exposure control - It is one of the basic controls you should beinterested in a digital camera. This will depend on your decision tobuy a fully automatic snapshot or an advanced camera. With the advancein technology, automated cameras have become very common with manualcontrols being available in specially designed and costly ones. Manualcontrols help you to deal with the harsh back-lighting problem in abetter way. Manual controls will keep the colors and tones in the rightway. It will give you the necessary control in many exceptionalsituations. Parameters of exposure control - The parameters used in exposurecontrol are aperture, shutter speed and ISO. There are various shootingmodes which provide a control over your exposure in a digital camera.One of them is the program mode which takes all the decisions regardingexposure. These are suitable for most occasions. More difficultsituations demand the use of preset exposure modes. It is tailored tooffer different options for different situations. The best is of coursethe priority modes. The aperture priority mode lets you set aparticular aperture allowing the camera to select the relevant shutterspeed. And the shutter priority mode lets you choose the shutter speed.Reciprocity - By choosing a proper aperture and shutter speed, you cancontrol the amount of light focusing on the image sensor. Yourobjective is to get an image which is just right in brightness andwhich covers all the details. But if you change the aperture in onedirection, you have to change the shutter speed in the other direction.Therefore, the relationship is said to be reciprocal between shutterspeed and aperture. This means that for a number of positions of bothparameters, light striking the focal plane will be the same. Somedigital cameras provide an automatic reciprocity control. This is auseful feature you need to keep an eye on when buying a digital camera.Exposure compensation control - There is a light meter in a digitalcamera which makes sure that you get the perfect combination of shutterspeed and aperture to get a good image. But sometimes, there is a needfor under exposure or over exposure which can be done only with manualcontrols. The exposure compensation controls helps you to do this.Almost all types of cameras have this feature which can provide theunder or over exposure. Make sure that this feature is easily availableto you in the camera. Opt for the camera which either offers this onits body or through a menu within a touch away. You should be able todo this without compromising with your grip over the camera. ISO scale - Another important feature you should look out for in adigital camera is the white balance and ISO. The ISO scale measures thefilm speed. The faster the film, the less exposure and lower light itwill require to be shot. But graininess increases with film speed.Thus, you need to select a type of film and its speed, which willremain the same throughout the roll. Having made your decision aboutthe exact features necessary, you can now make your choice and buy thebest digital camera for you. Article Tags: Digital Camera, Exposure Control, Manual Controls, Shutter Speed



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