Slim,What,All,About,The,120,PS technology PS 3 Slim - What Is It All About?

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The 120 GB PS3 Slim has come out and looks amazing. Its features are black and very glossy making it eye appealing to any home theater system. Everyone seems impressed with its new look and style making it a great selling feature. And it`s also the extra features that have people impressed and saying that it is better than the original 2006 version.The new PS3 slim is 36% lighter and takes up 33% less space that means that it is not as bulky and heavy as it was before. There is a stand that costs about 24 dollars that can go with it, but many argue that it should have just come with a stand in the price. The actual unit has fantastic stability which makes it more reliable as you put in and take out games. The connection is the same as the PS3 in the past, it has only two USB 2.0 ports and 802.11b/g with no draft.The BD Rom drive can be moved around and won`t scratch games or movies which are great news for anyone who has ended up with scratched and ruined discs. The system only has 2 times the speed and they are lots of hassles when loading games as it seems to take a long time. The A/C cord has no ground pin and works the same as it did before, the cable still works with the PS2 and laptop. The power and eject buttons are now in a clicking form instead of the old sensitive touch buttons. A drawback for this unit is that you cannot install a third party platform which might be disappointing to some people.The new PS3 slim has less noise when playing games or movies or just sitting idling. It`s nice and quiet giving it an advantage over its competition. The system also comes in a new lower energy efficient format, which means that the possible hours spent with your system turned on in a day will actually cost less...great news for hydro bills. The blu-ray player still plays movies in great color and detail, but it does take longer to load than its old system, making it a hassle to get movies and even games in and out quickly. The new slim can be formatted to work with the remote of a Brava L, however you cannot turn the system on using it, just off and once you do click on to the Sony store, you cannot use the menu, so there are a few imperfections with using it.Everyone seems to love the new and improved PS3 Slim, they love the way it looks and are drawn to the new style and glossy shimmer. The fact that it does save energy has both environmentalists and parents running to pick them up. It`s quieter and lighter and takes up less room which make it a great addition to any home movie theatre system. It`s steady and durable, so fewer games will get scratched unless there left out of their cases outside of the system.The only real drawback is that it seems to take longer to play Blu-ray movies. But most people don`t seem to mind too much, as the pros out way the cons for sure. Game players will not be disappointed with the new improved design and new gamers using it as their first system will be highly impressed.



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