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Computers have played a bigger role in our lives than ever before. We work, study, shop and play using computers. They have replaced memorandum book, encyclopedia and mailman. They have become shops, photo albums and even game machines for our daily recreation.In other words, most of us are apt to store data on computers and now they completely serve as storage bins for some people, so you may definitely want to find a way to keep the data safe and minimize the risk of your computer when surfing on the internet. Today we will introduce a system restore program that can meet your demand.Part one: Choose a trustworthy system restore software for your PCFor a greenhorn, there may be countless problems when using a computer. I had experienced Windows crashes, too, and then I restored the system by using Windows build-in system restore. It works in some aspect, but at usual it takes too much of my disk space and all my later data is lost. Fortunately, one of my friends who is a computer expert recommend me a system restore program named Wondershare Time Shuttle, the one that can solve all these problems for me. I have tried this program and find it awesome! It seems that any computer problems can be sovled by it, virus infection, detested blue screen, data loss, anything you can imagin. It lets you restore system and recover files from up to 1,000 restore points of snapshots you created. And you can fix all these problems in just a few seconds.The following is some of my experience of protecting my PC with the software.Part two: Minimize the risk of your PC System with system restore software 1. For the PC softwareThere is plenty of helpful software available online as well as wicked one. Even if you have installed anti-spyware, anti-virus and firewall on your PC, virus, trojan, spyware and other evils can still manage to slip in. Just think how much trouble and loss a stubborn virus can bring to you. Good thing is that there is a ultimate solution when all your effort to solve a computer problem fails, a system restore program which can help you to sweep all trouble completely by restoring from snapshots so that you don't need to be afraid of coming across computer problems any more, for you know what to do, and how to do it if anything is wrong.2. For the valuable data or information Have you ever experienced a similar situation like me that you just click a wrong key and delete the files supposed to be kept well? It may take you several hours even days to rebuild them. No matter for business computer users or individuals, data loss can be really disastrous. Here Wondershare Time Shuttle can help to retrieve lost, occasionally deleted and corrupt files. The highlight is that the lost data or files are retrieved in terms of restore from a snapshot, so it's exactly the same as what was used to be, nothing missing. And what's more, lost files are extracted individually, not the whole system restored.3. For the system crash and other problems Not only can obvious problems such as virus infection be fixed by the system recovery software, but also all other problems. Sometimes your computer just crashes but you won't know why it occurs, and sometimes there is hidden factor making your computer run slowly. For these situations, what you need to do is restoring system to a normal state you have saved as snapshots. Feel bothered making snapshots from time to time? Worry snapshots taking too much space? Don't want to wait for long for a system restore? Never mind. With Wondershare Time Shuttle, none of these exists. Snapshots can be taken automatically and manually both, snapshots take no space, and it takes less than 20 seconds to restore system.People always say it is no use crying over spilt milk. But with this trustworthy system rollback software, you can break the rule. Therefore, I would like to recommend this great program to you people to get rid of system and data security worries. Reprinted Please indicate the source, thank you!You may want to download this software from:



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