Xbox,360,PS3,Comparative,Analy technology Xbox 360 Vs PS3 - A Comparative Analysis

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The Xbox 360 and the PS3 are both great systems, they look nice and cost about the same as each other. But several differences pull them apart revealing pros and cons that make them who they are. Fans of each system will stand behind their favourites and defend them to their honour.If you ask anyone who owns an Xbox 360 they will tell you that their system rules and that the PS3 does not and that goes ditto for PS3 users. They saved and bought the system and are not about to have anyone criticize their decision making skills. And while each system has the ability to offer great things, they also may give off some negative as well, leaving which one is a better console up to the beholder.The Xbox 360 is known for its great graphics and hard drive space. It is also loved for the amount of games that come out each year. The Xbox live is a fun little tool that allows you to chat with friends while you`re playing a game. You can create a profile that you can use when communicating with your friends and even see when your friends log on and what games they are playing.Flaws with the Xbox 360 include a system that has been famous for breaking down causing fans to go without their machines for up to six weeks. It is also loud and remains loud even during movies creating a hum that may not be wanted during a quiet love scene. The movies are also not as crisp as the PS3. The system cannot be moved or rattled during game or movie play or chances of scratches are increased.The PS3 is a sleek looking black shinny system. It looks amazing on a TV stand and features a popular Blu-ray system that is able to play any Blu-ray disc without getting scratched and with excellent quality. The system is also very quiet, so when you are watching movies all you hear is the movie sound. The system can connect with the Sony store to download some great movies and games to add to your memory space.For some reason, new PS3 games come out after Xbox 360 games making fans have to wait continuously for the games they want. It is also slow to load movies where the process is painfully slow. There are also not as many games as its rival, leaving some people bored with the games they have.The choice of which system is better for you depends on what you need. If you will be playing games not as quickly as someone more game savvy then the PS3 might be right for you. And if you like blu-ray movies and playing them on a system that is durable, then it is also the perfect choice.For avid game users who love having games come out fast and in plentiful amounts then the Xbox 360 might be your choice. While it may play loud movies and have the chance of breaking into the many red ring of death fixes the pros might out way the cons for some. Making a choice might mean going into a game store and asking for some advice, a sales staff might be able to give you some insight into what you are looking for and need in a gaming system.



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