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Blu-ray drives allow you to play blu-ray movies. They can be external drives or internal drives depending on what kind of system and set-up you have. The price can vary from around a hundred dollars up to five hundred dollars with the most expensive having more features. Blu-ray drives provide crystal clear HD programming right on your own computer screen.Many people sit in front of their computer all day. The computer can be the heart of a home because it may be the place that you spend the most time. With all of the media content available on the computer for you to do, it is no wonder that it is a hot spot to be. Being able to watch movies right on your computer screen gives you more freedom with your computer.There are external blu-ray drives that simply hook up to your computer through USB cables. You can not only watch movies, but you can also record and store blu-ray content. Many external systems have a high amount of storage space for you convenience and use.Internal blu-ray drives are set up right inside your computer and still allow you to watch blu-ray movies, record and store them. The fact that it is kept inside your computer gives you more space saving options and keeps it more compact and ideal.There are several external and internal blu-ray drives available today. Many of them have to keep up with the technology as it inevitably keeps evolving. Blu-ray disks themselves are always changing and so the drives that run them must keep updating as well.The Sony BDU-XIOS Internal Blu-ray drive is a great machine to have. It is inexpensive which makes consumers happy with buying it. It can play Blu-ray disks and DVD`s right from one spot. It works well with HDCP monitors and a vid card. Some reviews claim that this drive however, is not up-to-date with all current technology.The Lite-On 4X SATA Blu-ray Disc Triple Writer is an internal SATA drive. It offers the ability to read and write blu-ray disks. It supports high amounts of blu-ray media up to 50GB. It is ideal for data backup. The burner can play DVD`s as well as DVD media and dual layer disks.The LG Super Multi external Blu-ray disk rewriter DVD ROM Drive is a great multi function system. It can record and playback up to 50GB of information. IT allows you to read and write and author blu-ray material. It offers excellent quality of HD visuals and stores lots of data.The LG 6X Blu-ray Disk/HD/DVD, Reader, DVD Rewriter External Drive is a well equipped device sure to please any consumer. It offers up to 50 GB of recording and playback of blu-ray disks. It can instantly burn (BD, DVD`s, CD`s) right in the same location. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, however it is not available for Macintosh. It features power producer, power DVD and writing S/W power backup.With all of the blu-ray drives available it is really up to your requirements to find one that fits you. Think about if you want an internal drive or an external drive and what function each of them will have and how it will work for you and your computer. If you are going to be doing lots of burning and playing of blu-ray disks it might be wise to go for one that offers more space and features to do so correctly and effortlessly. However it you`re just looking for the basics in a blu-ray drive then a quick and easy external one, might give you want you are looking for. Article Tags: Blu-ray Drive, Blu-ray Drives, Blu-ray Disks



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