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ADigital camera like mentioned above is an electronic gadget that is used tocapture still and motion pictures. It is referred to as digital because of thekind of technology used to manufacture it. These kinds of cameras have madepicture and video taking to be simple and enjoyable than in the olden days.This is because it does not take a lot of work as before to take just onepicture plus one can also change the color form from which they wish to takethe picture and or video. The same camera can be bought in various forms andcan also be used to capture images that are far from us through the zoomfunction.Withall these attributes from one digital camera, what has been the response ofpeople regarding them? How people respond towards a product or service isreferred to us giving reviews on the subject matter. Reviews are basically theexperiences someone gets from utilizing the product or service. Reviews caneither be positive and or negative because people have different expectationsfrom a product and or service. But what importance do reviews, especially onitems like the digital camera hold to us? Well, one importance is that reviewsgive us an upper hand about the product from people who have already used itbefore us. Rememberthat the digital camera does not come cheap. For this reason, it is importantto read the reviews before you make that final purchase. Reviews will enlightenyou on both the positive and negative sides of the camera. If you feel you willgain more than loose based on the opinions of previous users, you can go aheadand buy the camera. But should the negative reviews be more than the positives,you might as well forget that camera unless you want to be as disappointed likethe other users.Digital camerareviews are not only important to the customer but to the manufacturer as well.It is only through the customer’s feedback in form of reviews that themanufacturer can get to know the downfalls of his or her product. That way,they can withdraw the product from the market before they make major loses andtry to fix the problems as per the customers’ disappointments. Once they haveimproved on the product, they can re-launch it again and hope for positivereviews unlike the first time.



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