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Althoughpocket watches are not as popular as they used to be, there is still aconsiderable population of people who still fancy having watches in theirpockets. Somehow, they are not comfortable with other types of watches and arekeen to note any emerging brand in the market. Oneof the greatest brands that have thrilled lovers of pocket watches is the wathamSilver pocket watch. It is a brand that has stood the test of time for a longtime and its uniqueness is primarily based on its high quality silver material.Originally, they were produced manually and only a sizeable number of them weremanufactured. However, technological advancement has also favored pocketwatches as of today, they can be produced in large numbers to match theirincreased demand and achieve high quality standards. Using the well knownsystem of gearing, watham watches have minute and hour wheels underneath thedial.TheBellagio brand of pocket watches is unique in its own right as it ismanufactured with a stand which allows them to be displayed apart from beingput in the pocket. Offered in the market at very competitive prices, they havean eye catching appearance given their gold and silver decorations. The Dakotabrand is a modernization of the old style of a pocket watch and is more of autility watch. It has duty clips attached to it and great features such as aninbuilt compass for showing direction. They are preferably used whenundertaking field work missions rather than at home.Ifyou are a price sensitive customer who is looking for a brand suit your budget lifestyle,then you should consider the all time great Charles Hubert brand. It has silverengravings on its face to give it an outstanding appearance and is ofrelatively great quality. One of the finest brands of pocket watches stilldominating the market as of today is the Elgin Silver brand. It is mostlyassociated with affluence having a relatively higher price than most otherbrands in the market precisely to signify its great quality. It was incepted inthe market in the early 1990s.Thehighlighted are just but a few examples of the many brands of pocket watches.Despite their dwindling existence, new brands and models are still being developedas of today. They are available in many online stores such as dinodirect wherethey are offered at great and customer sensitive prices. Customers can stillorder for them directly. Article Tags: Greatest Brands, Pocket Watches



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