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Look for pocket watches history facts! The voice"calendar" comes from calends and according to experts, it is thecombination of chronological and resulting distribution of time used in eachcountry to regulate human activity, indicating the days and times at work andcivil and religious holidays." Put more simply, are the rules that determinethe most accurate timing possible. Over the life of humanity we find severalcalendars, Roman, medieval Christian, the church, the modern French Republican,Muslim, etc. It is worth analyzing watches invention.Time is regulated mainly by three factors: the day,month and year to which is added, in some cultures a week. The same systemapplies to pocket watches.The day is the essential unity and the naturaldivision of time. We can distinguish three types:-        Thecalendar day. Light is the period that begins with sunrise and ends with hisdemise, having a variable length -15 h. 6 'to 8 h. 54 ', being in the twoequinoxes 12 h. 60'-with the seasons.-        Onastronomical. Is the time it used to rotate the earth on its axis, with aduration of 23 h. 56 '4''.  We found different ways to indicate:-        TheRoman system. The Romans divided the month into three unequal parts that wereinitiated by the three parties on the calendar: the calendar (it was the firstof each month), the seventh day in the months of March, May, July and October,and the fifth others) and the Ides (the 15th is celebrated in March, May, Julyand October, and 13 in the other).The rest of the days are counted in a retrogrademanner, starting from the party account future. If you analyze pocket watches,you will notice similarities. This system is also called "daystrodden" and "to go". These are considered in the months of 28,29 or 30 to day 14. Consists of 12 lunar months, with a duration of 344 days, 8hours, 48 'and 36''.The side real year can be defined as the length oftime that elapses "between two consecutive steps of the sun through thesame point of the sky in relation to the stars, to follow an elliptical 360 °.It lasts 365 days, 6 hours, 9 'and 9.5''. The tropical year or solar is thetime between two consecutive steps of the sun through the vernal point,following the path of the ecliptic. It gives an average change: 365 days, 5hours, 48 'and 48''. The calendar year is quite impressive. All measurementsconsist of the same structure. Even pocket watches belongto this adaptation of the astronomical year by eliminating the part of a day.



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