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Are you familiar with the ISO functionality? You mightwant to try using your digital camera in a manual way. the ISO in digitaltechnology is merely an argument in his address that simulates analog behavior,thus facilitating a reference.Usually the best signal / noise ratio of a givensensor is often called the ISO rating of a camera, and this is usually 100,some 200 ISO and often coincides with the lowest ISO selected by default. Thesensitivity of the sensor is unique and thus fixed cannot be changed as analogfilm, however it does is amplify the signal optimized steps so you have ISO,100, 200, 400, 800, 1600.And the problem is that by amplifying the signal /noise ratio is not constant, and as they amplify the S / R decreases by a lotof factors (electronic, quality components, software, etc) so that there is anincrease noise for the same signal. The result is that there is a higher ISOnoise. In consumer camcorders is unusual ISO control. In other professionalswho can control the ISO. The solution to get more light without increasing theISO is that you download the speed of film, considering that below 1 / 25 isbeginning to be problematic.The image light passing through the lens is reflectedin a filter RGB (Red-Green-Blue), which breaks up light into three basiccolors: red, green and blue. This division focuses on a ray light sensitivechip called CCD ("Charged Coupled Device"), which assigns binaryvalues to each pixel and sends the digital data for image coding and subsequentstorage.  Definition ofdigital camera photoGoing to the very beginning, a digital camerais an electronic device that captures images and saves them in digital format(computer) with a high resolution, also in most cases records video but with alower resolution. Digital cameras have the same use photographs that were givento roll-based cameras, but have the advantage that the vast majority of thepicture can be displayed on a small LCD screen that integrate and integratedvia buttons, delete, copy, zoom ("Zoom"), etc. among other functions.The digital camera has replaced the use of mechanicalcameras to roll. General characteristics of a camera:-         It has a resolution usually high, depending onthe model up to 12 Mega pixels.-        Thebasic video is low resolution, as its primary objective is not to record it,but for recreational purposes is a good option.-        Tocapture images from a distance, you have the option of 2 types of approach:optical and digital.Parts that make up a digital camera Internally, it has the appropriate circuit for imagesensor and transmission to the computer.



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