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Measuring time has always been an important fact for humans. Thus, it is worth mentioning that the invention of the pocket watch brought many changes. Let us start from the beginning. We now know that the day is the time it takes Earth to rotate on its axis. To measure this, the most accurate method is to observe the passage of a given star from the meridian of a specific location twice. The exact difference between the first and the second occurrence corresponds to a sidereal day and is equivalent to 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. This is the method used in astronomical observatories.Solar dayThe solar day is between two steps of the sun on the meridian of a place and lasts for four minutes longer than the sidereal, because the Earth has to rotate 361 ° for the sun to return. To avoid difficulties is widespread use of so-called mean solar day, which is 24 hours is accurate and that set our pocket watch models. It is said that the sun passes through a particular meridian when we go through the highest point of the day. This point is called the zenith and marks the calendar day noon. This division grew by governments agreed to divide the day into twelve hours before noon meridian (AM) and twelve hours after this meridian (PM). The awareness of time seems to be a uniquely human. Its passing affects the realm of the material, while the eternal, the no-time, is reserved for the gods.The measurement of time through pocket watch designs, acquires different dimensions depending on the season. Today we are talking about milliseconds, when just a century ago was considered the most accurate the second, and a millennium ago could barely measure hours. Today we fragment our day many times, in increasing number of activities, only a few decades ago when our ancestors sat quietly watching the sunset or play with children.When did it start? How did you acquire that abstract idea, perhaps oppressive, why we call time? In Mesoamerica follow the same path as in other parts of the world most obvious notice periods, hours of light and darkness, cold weather and heat, rain and drought, abundance and scarcity. Maybe it was at the time we became farmers, when given the real need to measure time and give it a name and the seasonal transition periods that were separating from the changes we observed in animals, plants, rivers and mountains.Inside an isolated pocket watch scheme with respect to other cultures of the world that did exactly the same, should we fall into the astral observation of the movements, the most accurate and reliable among all natural phenomena that mark the time. So, we began to observe a universe that seemed to revolve around us.



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