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This technology can be found in many different machines like clocks, remote control or wireless vehicles, automobile computers, Aibbo, factory robotic automation arms, self guided rovers and in the service bots like a CNIC milling machine. It is considered that the robot is an example who should able to work and interact with the atmosphere and physically do some kind of work.  In current era the robotic automation technology is heavily used in the field of surgery, disaster recovery and the firefighting. Now day’s this robotic technology is also used in manufacturing of many products in the factory. It enhances the quality of the product and the consistency level is increased due to this robotic technology in the business. Old people believed in the life of a humanoid robot genus. It was believed that the Greek god Hephaestus have created the mechanical workers to build his temple. And in the fourteenth century, the Greek mathematicians said that they can made the steam powered pigeon. In the year of 1088, the first clock tower of the world was produced by the su sung. This clock tower was built with the mechanical collectibles and capable of being heard chimes. In the year of 1206, a Muslim inventor Al Jazari was created first humanoid robots, he desired to entertain royal guest with automated musicians. Al Jazari is a very well known inventor in the world he also created many kind of Kitchen appliances and many other robotic automation ky machines. There are many different ways of the people to think about the robotics automation technology. These ways are, do we want an automotive or an artificial creature to look same like a human or an unmistakably nuts and the bolts model. And should the robots work at the plant or in the home and should the robots think by themselves?The robots which are liked human are made with the silicone body and stretchy and flexible actuators, these robots are known as the soft robots. And that robots which are created to find something, clean and explore the space, and these robots are behave like a ants and bees these are called the swarm robots. The other type of robots is the haptic interface robots. These robots are specially designed to interact with practical simulation atmosphere, and the engineers always coming up with new kinds of robots.



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