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Current advancements in the field of pocketwatch design have allowed the production of two types of pocket watches. Theseare the open-face pocket watch and the hunter-case pocket watch. The open faced pocket watch is one where thecase lacks the case comes without a metal cover that is supposed to protect themetal crystal. Typically for this type of watch, the pendant is located at the12:00, while a sub-second dial is located at the 6:00 spot. In certainoccasions, a motion meant for a hunting case, where the winding stem is at 3:00and the sub-second dial is at 6:00, must have an open-faced case. This watch isreferred to as a sidewinder. Still, this design may be fitted with what isknown as a conversion dial. The dial is responsible for relocating the windingstem back to 12:00 and the sub second dial back to 3:00. Open faced pocketwatches were very popular in the railway transport industry and this was aftera requirement for them to be cased under an open faced case with the winding stemat 12:00.The Hunter case watch is the second type of pocketwatch where a spring hinged metal lid is used to cover the crystal andwatch-dial. This helps to protect them against scratches, shock from otherobjects and debris, and dust. Many watches under this design come with the lidhinges positioned at the 7:00 position. Also, the crown, stem and bow of thewatch are positioned at the 3:00 position of the watch. Majority of theHunter-case watches are vintage and antique types. However, a number of modernHunter case designs have come up, and are fitted with hinges that operate thelid and are positioned at the 6:00 mark, while the crown, stem and bow arepositioned at the 12:00, which is the same case with open faced watches. Inboth designs of watch cases, the sub-second dial has always been at the 6:00position. Apart from the two types listed above, there isalso different type of pocket watch normallycategorized as an intermediate and in commonly referred to as the half-hunter. Inthis case, the outer lid comes with a glass panel at the center that gives aclear view of the hands as they move. The hour markings are normally made usingblue enamel and on the outer lid. This means that the user can read timewithout necessarily opening the lid.



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