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Your capability of handling an attack depends largely on your practice as well as use of any weapon for self defense. It is not the weapon that stops an attack. It’s YOU instead! Your unbendable commitment to prevent or stop an attack only determines your success. Well, talking of the self-defense weapons, buy new stun guns are a good option. It is, however, important to know about the operations and the way to use these to stop an attack.Stun guns are one of the most popular self defense weapons which retort the attacker through an electric shock. However, using a stun gun involves pressing the business end of the device against the attacker’s body and hold to press the trigger. Remember, it is important that the device is in physical contact with the attacker while the trigger is pressed. Stun guns are really pain compliance defense products. Usually, many stun guns feature the same level of power to stop the attacker. A stun gun can make the attacker unconscious for several minutes even through a contact of just 3-5 seconds. Adding further, guns designed with a higher voltage can give results in even shorter time period. Therefore, to have faster responses, it is better to go for the most powerful gun in the store. It is, however, also important to check that the selected stun gun is easy to carry and fits aptly to your concealment needs.Stun guns are however not life threatening weapons because of the low current level generated by them. Remember, amperes or current kills, voltage doesn’t. To your surprise, human heart can be stopped or started easily with 100 milliamps current. Buy new Stun guns, however, operate at 10 milliamps of current or even lesser and yet deploy an extremely high power. This high voltage leads to violent contraction of muscles and is, therefore, painful. This pain is followed by troublesome electrical impulses inside the body thus making the attacker unconscious through prolonged contact of this powerful device.New stun guns are available in various conventional designs as well as voltage ratings. Additionally, boutique or specialty models for stun guns are also available for the convenience of user. These mini stun guns are also available as pocket convenient models in unique forms like a pen sized stun gun, a lipstick case stun gun, and buy new stun guns. These designs make it easy for you to carry and misguide the attacker. Stay safe!



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