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The lens is the most important part of acamera. It is also popular under the name of a photographic lens or a photographicobjective. The gadget makes images of different objects either on photographicfilm or various other media capable enough to store an image electronically orchemically. The devices used for a video camera, still camera, microscope ortelescope works on the same principle but their design and construction issomewhat different. In some of the cases, the device is fixed permanently to acamera. On the other hand, it might be interchangeable with the lenses ofvarying apertures, focal lengths and properties. The devices are of many types. Let us discusssome important ones in detail.“Close up” or macro:This is an essential device used on alarge scale in different cameras and camcorders. The gadget is mainly used for“close-up” photography. It primarily generates an image on a focal plane thatis larger or similar in size of the subject being captured.  A macro lens can be of any focal length.The prominent factors that determine the focal length of the device include itspractical use, access to the subject, considering magnification, the requiredratio, illumination considerations, etc. The depth-of-field of the device isvery slight, which limits its usefulness. Zoom:This is another important type of lens.The focal length of the device varies with the movement of internal elements.Generally, the lens zooms from moderate wide-angle to moderate telephoto orfrom normal to extreme telephoto. The devices are mostly used for small-formatcameras. These are not used for larger film sizes because of their price andbulky nature. Special-purpose:This category includes a wide range ofdevices such as an apochromat, a process, enlarger, stereoscopic, fisheye, softfocus, infrared, ultra-violet and a swivel lens. These are some of the popular types ofdevices used for different digital cameras. It is extremely significant toselect a device with a better quality lens for high-quality image capturing andvideo recording. The internet today provides a bigplatform to find almost every electronic device with ease. If you want to buythe best digital camera lenses, check out different online shopping portalsdisplaying a plenty of options in this regard. With the help of online pricecomparison tools, you can even compare the pricing list of a number of products.This can help you select a better offer.



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