Going,with,DSLR,Point,and,Shoo technology Going with a DSLR or Point and Shoot Camera

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Image quality Photos taken with a DSLR have superior quality ascompared to those taken with a point and shoot camera. When the same phototaken with the two different types of cameras is put side by side, thedifference between image quality is huge. Performance andresponsiveness Right from the start, point and shoot cameras are notmanufactured to be responsive and fast. Quite frequently, the photo is actuallytaken seconds after you press the shutter. Thus, vital moments are irreversiblelost. On the other hand, recent digital SLRs can be instantly initiated andoperated with insignificant shutter lags. Additionally, the continuous shootingcapability is incomparable between a point and shoot camera and DSLRs. While apoint and shoot can make 2 images at most per second, a DSLR can make even upto 10 images in a second. you can only use one device at a sport event and thatis a DSLR. InterchangeablelensPoint and shoot cameras cannot shoot at changeablefocal length as they have only one incorporated lens. On the other hand, a hugearray of lens options is widely available for DSLRs, allowing you to select oneor more according to your individual needs. You can start with cheaper lens andwith the improvement of your skills you can move on to advanced and moreexpensive lens. Ease of useWell, this is where point and shoot cameras have adefinite advantage. Many people are simply terrified with all those options inthe control system and complex menu setting of a DSLR. Point and shoot camerasare simple and straightforward: you get the photo with a simple click on abutton. Price and weightA superior product is expected to cost more and thisis especially true when it comes to cameras. Digital SLRs are manufactured ofhigh quality components and include better software. Prices for point and shootcameras vary between $100 and $500, while DSLRs can cost as much as $8000. Thetotal cost of various equipments, including flashes, pro lens and differentaccessories can easily reach $20,000.  These prices are justified only if they are used incommercial purposes to make money with them. Also, a camera bag with all theneeded equipment weights up to 30-40 lbs so it is not easy to carry with you atall times. On the other hand a pint and shot camera can be carried in yourpocket.



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