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Touch screen technology has expanded a lot since the last decade. Earlier touch screen displays were very expensive, but now you can get them at affordable prices. Now touch screen displays are available everywhere right from mobile phones, pocket computer to information points and ATM machines. Touch screens are highly developed displays which can correctly detect the location of the touch on the display area. You will be able to use the display without using any keyboard or some other device. Most of the times, you will get LCD touch screens, which you can attach to any computer.  LCD touch screens are commonly used on ATMs and PDAs.There are many companies which manufacture touch screen devices. So you can always visit the company to know more about the technology which they make use of. Industrial touch screen make use of infrared in order to detect the heat of a finger. Resistive and capacitive touch screens have an electrical field. No matter which industry you belong to, if you need a touch screen device, then you can always contact the company which manufacture's them. It is important that you check the record of the company before you hire them to work you. You should tell the experts of the company your needs and requirements, and accordingly they will have to build the touch screen device for you. You can search for companies online too. Many companies today have their websites online. Rugged touch screens are the ones which are commonly used for industrial purposes. They can withstand any kind of environment. You will have to ask the company the benefits of using rugged touch screen for your work environment. Touch screens have an advantage over the conventional monitors which use a graphical user interface. When you are selecting a touch screen display you will have to ask many questions such as the display can be used for what kind of tasks, how clear the monitor is required to be, how responsive will it be, and what environment it should be placed in? If you want to use your display in the industrial environment, then you should know that the display will have to face contaminants such as dirt, grease, dust, or it can get wet, so you should ask the manufacturer to give you a display which is suitable to the environment. A sealed capacitive touch screen can be used in this condition. They are highly durable and rugged, and they are water as well as dust resistant. If more clarity is required from the screen such as for medical or surgical purposes, then you can always opt for the surface wave panel based touch screen. They make use of ultrasound for identifying when they are touched. They can be easily damaged though, but you will get better optical accuracy and clarity with it.



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