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In the process of breathing, it is possible to fill the lungs with pollutants. Additionally, being in an environment filled with pollution, allows the skin to absorb these contaminants. The problem does not stop when a person steps inside his home. In fact, the atmosphere inside is more likely to be more polluted than that outside. Modern homes are closed systems where the stale air continues to get dirtier. Air filtration systems help to clean the inside of a home.Most modern homes use an HVAC system that filters some of the particulate matter. Early filters were primarily used to protect the heating or cooling coils of the system more than the health of inhabitants. Replacing inefficient spun filters with fan fold paper filters helps to improve their efficiency at reducing these particles. To make the process even more effective, replace the filters on a monthly basis. Consider adding one of the following devices to the HVAC unit for more protection.UVGI systems add ultraviolet light that destroys biological pollutants. Such filters help to eliminate bacteria, mold spores and viruses. Additionally, they offer protection inside an HVAC system to prevent biological growth. These can be added to the existing HVAC system or purchased as a portable unit.PCO cleaners also make use of UV lamps; however, they combine the light and a catalyst. As a result these cleaners help to destroy gaseous pollutants. They are not effective with particulate materials. The cleaners can help in the removal of formaldehyde or other substances found in the home due to out-gassing of furnishings and building materials. PCO cleaners are also available as whole house or portable devices.Ozone generators make use of electrical sparks or UV lamps to create ozone that reacts with chemical and biological pollutants to remedy them less harmful. Such devices help to eliminate gases, molds, viruses and bacteria in the home. These units are also available for addition to the central cooling system or as stand alone devices that are effective in a single room such as a bedroom or living room.In addition to filtering, occupants should work to reduce the sources that add to home pollution. Homes and furnishings should be selected to produce the fewest number of gases. Smokers should move outdoors if they choose to continue using tobacco. Appliances should be adjusted to minimize any emissions.Occupants can decrease the pollution found inside their home by increasing ventilation to decrease its concentration. In areas where outdoor pollutant concentrations are low, replacing stale indoor contents with fresh from the outside provides better respiration. In addition, venting appliances allows gases they produce to be exhausted outside the home. This also helps in eliminating cooking odors and smoke from the home.Air filtration systems provide a useful means of decreasing the pollution in one's home. To improve their effectiveness, the systems should be combined with increased ventilation and source control. Decreasing the release of pollution and diluting it makes removal of gasses and particulate materials easier. Portable devices may offer help for homes without central HVAC systems. Article Tags: Filtration Systems, Hvac System



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