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We all have our own ways of using our mobile phones. Some people use it simply for texting and calling. Some people are using it for more advanced functions like connecting to the internet and browsing on the web. Some people are even doing finance related functions like banking and budgeting in it. Those things are already very much posible especially that we have smart phones today already. In the age of apps and all the other software  and accessories we can install and add on the phone, almost every thing is already possible. That is to the point that we are using our phones for more and more advanced and even personal functions.Because of the many important and private things we do on our phones, an important question arises regarding how we are using it. The question would be "how secure is your phone?" If you do not know how to answer it or if you have no idea, then you have a lot to learn about your phone. If you evaluate all the uses on your phone, you would notice how it has been used for more private and confidential information like bank accounts and even passwords. But, most of the time the most neglected aspect of such device is the security.Security is such a big issue in mobile phones as it could actually ruin our identity and even our businesses if we are using the device at work. Did you know that there is such thing called as mobile phone tracking? This is actually a new technology wherein any person can easily spy on anyone using just their mobile phones. Though this was initially created for good use, some people abuse it to their own advantage. When you are being tracked by someone who has negative motives, you are in a very unfortunate and dangerous place. You are very much exposed to all the harmful things that could happen.This kind of mobile tracking occurs when someone is spying on all the activities on your phone. That means phone calls, emails, text messages and even the location of the device are all closely monitored. You surely would not want that that to happen. It may be so hard to notice if someone is already tracking you. But, there are some signs that you could look at to assume that you are already being tracked. One of which is the draining battery of your phone. These trackers run on your device all the time to make sure everything is tracked. So, normally it would take that much battery. If you notice that your battery is draining inconsiderably fast then something must be wrong.You will also notice a slightly different sound when you make a phone call. That is because your calls are recorded. So, there is a slight change in audio. It is not that noticeable. But, people who have sensitive hearing can easily detect it.In spite of all these dangerous things that could possibly happen to you and your phone, you can still stay safe. Just make sure you do not engage yourself in areas where you could possibly be tracked. That means you should not let anyone easily borrow or take hold of your phone. Also, you should try to use every possible security measure on your device. Do not make it as free as possible.Another good thing you can do is to make sure you do not store very sensitive and confidential information on the phone. You do not know what could happen. The next thing you know you are already being tracked and all these information can be exposed to someone who might use them to his advantage.Our mobile phones have played a really important part in our every day lives. Though some irresponsible people might abuse our security through mobile phone tracking, when you keep yourself safe and secure there is still not that much to worry about.



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