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Digital cameras are devices used forstill photography as well as video recording. The convenience offered by thegadgets in capturing high quality photographs have made them popular all overthe world. According to a latest research, a big increase has been observed inthe sales of these gadgets. There might be many people who are stillunaware of some important facts associated with these gadgets. Let us discussthese facts in detail. Emergence:The gadgets were introduced in the year1990 as an alternative to the film cameras. The digital images offer a highlevel of versatility as compared to the film. Moreover, the gadgets offer theability of relaying images through the computer network. The digital camerasare capable enough to click different types of images because of the presenceof advanced features like resolution, image stabilization, zoom rating,exposure range, etc. History:Steven Sasson Engineer of Eastman Kodak Companydesigned the first digital camera in late 1975. It was popularly known as Sasson's8 lb. It mainly comprised of a charged couple device for collecting opticaldata and passed on the information to digital cassette. The camera supported aresolution of only .01 megapixels. After this, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, Nikon,Fuji, etc. started introducing their own digital cameras in the mid-1990’s.  Zoomfeature:This is an imperative feature supportedby these devices. Zoom is defined as the ability of a camera to change focallength. The gadgets contain either an optical zoom, digital zoom or a groupingof both. Gadgets with optical zoom automatically adjust the lens for bringing asubject in focus. Digital zoom usually provides up to a 3 times magnification whilean optical zoom produces an image to more than 20 times magnification.Resolution:The resolution of a digital cameracorresponds with the megapixel ranking. A megapixel rating determines thelength of a print generated by the gadget and the flexibility an image towardselectronic editing. For example, a four-megapixel camera is capable ofproducing a resolution of 2,400 x 1,800 pixels which is sufficient for uploadingimages to the web. On the other hand, devices supporting an eight-megapixelranking produce images at a resolution of 4,000 x 2,000 pixels which is perfectfor professional-quality prints. These are some of the must-know aboutthese devices. The best medium to buy all digital cameras is online electronicshopping. A number of online electronic stores have emerged providing a gamutof products to customers in this regard.



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