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Businesscritical applications are  accessibleonline 24/7 for partners and users. So as far as you understand such  continuous availability opens floodgates forbot customer and hacker. But what  is itpossible to do in such situation?Thereare different modes of attacks used  byhackers, but the most widely used is cross-site scripting (XSS). How doesit  work? A hacker damages script code.The browser processes this web site including a harmful code and then site sends login information inreturn. Even  though most companies takesecurity seriously, still hackers can do number of  successful attacks.Haveyou heard that almost 80 percent of  allhacker attacks take place not via the network but via the application? But only software testing company can provide companies with high-quality security and ensure that security loopholeswill  not exist.Howis it possible to perform security testing of the bestquality? Security  testing requiresspecific measures like:  Performing white, grey  and black box testing (penetrationtesting);  Implementing security  rules and guidelines;  Performing security  architecture reviews;  Monitoring operating  systems all the time.Whocan perform security testing? In fact skills of the test engineer who verifies functionality and securitytest  engineer are different. Securitytesting requires additional knowledge. Sometimes experts compare this kind ofsoftware  testing withdetective work. But it is really so. Isn’t it?Ofcourse different security testing tools are already created but it doesn’t mean that with their help it ispossible to  perform the testing thatwill protect your application from hackers. These  tools can be used by testers and securityexperts. What is the difference  betweenthem?  Features of security testing tools usedby  security experts:  24/7 looking for security  holes;  Obligatory verification  pertaining to regulatory and legalprovisions.Featuresof securitytesting tools used by test engineers:  Constant security search  for flaws in web applications;  All found flaws are  automatically saved and assigned to thedeveloper for further improvement of  thesoftware.Itis better not to waste time and protect your software from hackers. Fall back on software  testing company that willprovide your software from all possible damages.



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