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LONDON – When an email archiving solution and an email server donot work well together, it causes a decrease in employee productivity. If theproblem is slow moving, antiquated software, employees can blow through theirtime trying to move between two screens to find the information they need. Theycan also lose time sitting through endless hours of training learning a clunky,unintegrated archiving solution. Even a poorly designed indexing tool can causewasted work hours.Now is always a good time to change theseproblems and prevent issues of work loss that are brought on when an inferior emailarchiving software is used.Cryoserver overcame typical time wasters and provides an integrated and elegantsolution with a simple deployment strategy, regardless of which email exchangeis being used.Designed specifically to ease thetransition from a legacy archiving solution, migration is a one-step process.“A variety of tools make data transfer into Cryoserver simple and fast. Our newclients are often surprised by how easy the process is,” explains RobinBingeman ofForensic & Compliance Systems, the developers of Cryoserver.The Import Utility was uniquely designed for transferring datafrom an existing system into Cryoserver. Companies can choose to store theirinformation on an archivingappliance, or use Cryoserver software to store emails on their servers orthe Cryoserver Cloud service. Import parameters can be set based on users,folders, range of dates, or email addresses.As the import happens, each email, as well as any attachments, isindexed so that future searches are extremely rapid, make the most efficientuse of employee's most valuable resource – time. Also, Cryoserver willforensically tag each email as having been sent prior to the implementation ofthis archiving software and the live email feed.Tools are availablefor migrating from each of these archiving systems. ·        Autonomy ZANTAZ EAS (for Exchange or Notes)·        Autonomy Message Manager for Exchange, Notes& GroupWise·        (formerly CA Message Manager)·        Autonomy ZANTAZ Digital Safe·        EMC EmailXtender (for Exchange or Notes)·        EMC SourceOnce (for Exchange or Notes)·        EMC Centera·        iLumin Assentor·        Metalogix Professional Archive Manager (PAM) forExchange·        Microsoft Exchange, including Exchange 20013, 2010,2007, 2003 and BPOS / Office365·        Mimosa NearPoint·        OpenText IXOS-eCONserver·        Quest Archive Manager·        SMTP·        Symantec Enterprise Vault for Exchange (V5 – V9)·        ZL Unified Archive·        PST, NSF, EML & MSG files·        Hosted archive vendors including Mimecast,MessageLabs & Proofpoint·        Email format conversion from Notes to Exchangearchives and vice versa When Cryoserver isintegrated into an emailexchange system, it results in decreased employee frustration over “lost”messages which save companies time and resources. This integration results in aseamless experience for the end-user. Cryoserver's search tools are theindustry's most advanced and the learning curve is very short compared to otherarchiving solutions. When the right equipmentand software are in place, employees save time better spent on getting theirwork done.



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