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Efficient business communications is of crucial importance for any enterprise to stay, survive and thrive. Thus, when it comes to improving the quality of business communications, every small business owner must install the most cost-effective communication system available in the market.The VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system is steadily growing in popularity and emerging as one of the best telecommunication technologies of the day. VoIP, simply defined, is making and receiving phone calls using the Internet instead of the traditional phone lines. VoIP works by converting sound into digital voice communication and then transferring it through Internet broadband.It enables businesspersons to communicate with their customers at a reduced cost regardless of the location. The VoIP system incorporates a number of standard and optional features aimed at enhancing the overall productivity of the small business.The multifarious features of VoIP technology have dramatically changed the telecommunications scenario and now many telecom experts agree that it is only a matter of time before public switched telephone network (PSTN) would be completely usurped by VoIP. So, the earlier small businesses switch over to VoIP system the better and easier for them to edge out their competitors.Some of the highly useful features of a VoIP hosted phone system include call forwarding, caller ID, call conferencing, voicemail, fax mail, music-on-hold, auto-attendant and many more. The best part of VoIP technology is it can handle multiple calls simultaneously. It also allows employees to communicate with their customers even while travelling and from remote locations. All that is needed is the fast-speed internet connectivity and a sophisticated communication device.One of the prime reasons that such huge cost savings benefits exist with a VoIP system is that calls traditionally classified as local and long distance, are all included in the VoIP plans. Small business that need to make frequent long distance calls stand to gain the utmost and will straightaway begin to see a drastic reduction in their phone bills.VoIP call plans are flexible and with a VoIP service, you can use the same phone and in the same way as with your existing landline. You can also call 911 for an emergency. Above all, you can retain your present phone number when you make the switch-over to VoIP.Business VoIP call plan offer many advantages such as the continued use of an existing phone number, the choice of area code, service from anywhere in the world at no extra cost, unrestricted local/long distance calls etc. The VoIP system also offers several advanced features that are absent or attract extra cost in traditional telephony.VoIP call plans can be availed by any small business by using a computer along with a sound card, modem, speakers, a microphone, high speed Internet connection and the feasibility to download the applicable software. It is possible to enjoy the VoIP facility either on your computer systems/Laptops or on mobile phones. Mobile VoIP facility is the latest exciting innovation in VoIP technology.As you can clearly discern, business VoIP call plan is a great choice for small businesses looking to improve their communication facilities and enhance productivity without spending a fortune. Article Tags: Business Voip Call, Voip Call Plan, Small Businesses, Business Voip, Voip Call, Call Plan, Small Business, Voip System



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