The,Pros,And,Cons,Using,PhoneG technology The Pros And Cons Of Using PhoneGap For Your Mobile App

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PhoneGap is one of the premiere framework development programs used by programmers to build mobile apps. More specifically, the program uses language such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript throughout the design process. The end product created in PhoneGap is often an app that is regarded highly by some in the industry and criticized by others. To better illustrate and shed light on whether PhoneGap is the right program to use when developing your own app, here are the pros and cons of doing so.   Pros There are many pros to using PhoneGap to design a mobile app, but that also depends on the person you are talking to. Some industry experts will say that one aspect of the program is a pro, while others, at the same time, feel it is a con. For such reason, you should take the following pros as a guide to decide for yourself. 1. Does not require learning additional programing languages One of the most attractive features of PhoneGap is that it does not require extensive knowledge of dense native programming languages, like HTML. Instead, the program works as a framework to easily build mobile apps without the arduous process of learning a programming language. 2. Compatible with major mobile operating systems Another pro for PhoneGap is that it is compatible with all the major mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android and Blackberry OS. Such diverse compatibility allows the program to easily build apps that can be used on practically any mobile device. 3. Builds with common programing languages While PhoneGap may work as a framework software program, it is still capable of building apps in programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. With such capabilities, the program gives those without the necessary knowledge of programming languages, the opportunity to still build apps of their own.  Cons The cons of PhoneGap seem to be most prevalent with developers and others involved in the mobile industry that prefer traditional programming software which require extensive knowledge of native languages. So keep such in mind when considering the following cons while deciding whether PhoneGap is best for building your mobile app.    1. Free With Conditions  Despite being an open source software program, PhoneGap is conditionally free. The program is only free when building one app or with the use of GitHub. If you plan on building more than one app, then PhoneGap will charge you a monthly service fee. The fee may not be a major issue for seasoned app developers, however, for those looking for a free option to learn the ropes, PhoneGap can be a bit misleading. 2. Tailored To Novice Programmers Undoubtedly, PhoneGap is tailored more toward programmers with less extensive knowledge of sophisticated programming languages. While the program’s framework focus is convenient for those without substantial knowledge of such programming languages, experienced programmers may be more inclined to use a more elaborate program that relies on user-inputted native languages.3. Can Be Inefficient When Working With Native LanguagesWhen it comes to working with native programming language, opposed to a framework method, PhoneGap does not perform as well as other programs based on native languages. In other words, the program allows users to develop apps that are compatible with multiple operating systems, but because it is in a hybrid method that aims for vast compatibility, the apps created simply do not perform as well as others that are built solely in one native language.



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