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In the beginning of the creation purpose for the Laptop was to meet the needs of the mobile office and to make the body of the lap top become more slim and easy to carry. So the comfort use feeling of the user process had not been taken into account. But because of the need for work, we had to use the laptop for a long time during every day. The website would teach us some considered points for the using of the laptop. This website is the fashionable article site for the new technology which would make you stay up-to-date. For the sake of our health considerations, we must resolutely put an end to bad habits in the use of the notebook. First, we should know the bad habits of the daily using of the computer. Let us together to look at.The first point is about the bad habits of using the laptop headphones. A lot of friends have the habit of wearing the headphones in everyday using of the laptop. It can be not only avoided disturbing the people around, but also easy to listen to music to lift their spirits. However, hanging on the earphone at the external auditory canal, it is very close and the sound directly transmits to the ear which has avoided the other sound interference and directly stimulates the ear nerve. If we have in this kind of situation for alone time, the excessive sound can cause hearing loss.The howtecharticles give us the advice that we could replace the headset by a small speaker. If we use the headset, you should avoid turn up the volume too high. In addition, the headset appears to very clean, in fact, it hide a lot of bacteria. If you have your own headphones, you must pay attention to have the regular cleaning about it. In addition to that, please do not easily use someone else's headphones which would cause the cross-infection.The second point from the is that the long-term use of computer would induce the myopia and glaucoma. For many people, facing with the computer for more than ten hours a day are common situation. However, a study has found that the rate of suffering from glaucoma for the persons who has had always in the face of the computer screen for more than nine hours per day is twice as likely to the normal people. And the long time facing to the computer is the main incentive for myopia.The Computer users in their work and life should be sure to use eyes correctly and have the reasonable rest. First of all, do not use your eyes for a long period of time. Second, we should pay attention to the light stimulus. Many white-collar workers like to play games at night and they often need to turn off the lights because they don’t want the computer screen light affect the others. The light from the laptop screen would directly stimulate the eye and it would have a great damage to the eyes for along time. So the how to reminds us that we should pay attention to the time which we use at the computer and the reasonable rest.



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