Eonon,Deals,the,Week,for,selec technology Eonon's Deals of the Week for 10 selected HOT Android Car GP

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Great deals continue in spring! The most popular camera A0119 is provided for the popular Android 4.4 Quad-Core Car GPS as below. Only 100 pcs of camera available, first come, first served! Catch deals of the week now! Please know more details about these 10 HOT Android Car DVD Players: GA2114 which is our 2 Din KING Android Car GPS without DVD Player function. It is  Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 7″ Multimedia Car GPS with Mutual Control MirrorLink. The reviews of GA2114: 1. I just love it. Better radio than Kendwood. I'm just in love. I sold my Kenwood DVD with this one. I lost my money radio. I used a week ago, I heard from the radio Andrews. IM robot 100% thanks one million. Excellent service, fast delivery, the packaging. 2. The machine has been installed in Australia Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series. It works perfectly in all applications such as Radio Android application navigation. I am very happy with my purchase. 3. I get it to fit right, and I had to cut lip extension to my flat on the back panel, but whether it is better than it fit perfectly, it honestly looks like it has a vehicle OEM in Toyota MR2!  The second fiery Android Car DVD Player BMW E46 GA5150F. 1. Go with Eonon's latest products GA5150F this thing literally is not just your car stereo in the modern, more everything you need. Very satisfied, in general, ultimately, the sound quality is really good. Installation is a breeze, I took my time and logic to understand it, all this gratifying development. I bought GA5150F and delighted. It's very fast, sounds great, great radio reception (which replaces the Alps button has stopped working ... it hooked a very complicated system. Dynaudio speakers, a diamond in the audio sub-infinite baffle custom rear deck, Rockford 360.2 processor / equivalent). 1. The steering control, improve every time. 2. The radio display song information ... well I am here to listen to the station in Florida ...... very pleased to see this. I do not have mountains. 3. has a connection to the back of the device, and run into my glove box an iPod cable ... I have not tried it. It also has 2 off also run to the back of the glove box USB cable. I have my U disk music. When you return to the main screen displays song title and album cover, but it's playing. It looks really nice. 4. There is no Bluetooth music streaming. Soon to try some. The interface looks good, very fast switching from one source to another. 5. I am having the USB input and iPod, plus front 2 Micro SD card slot ... a GPS and any other music you want / video. All in all, very happy with this purchase. This has been easily my favorite MOD my car ...... looks great, works great, really make the car more modern and offers a number of options, entertainment in one car. GA5151W Android Car GPS for Mazda 32004-2009: Really pleased with the overall service and projects. From the order, and when the project I have received is very fast, there are some questions about installation and customer service is very timely and helpful in their replies. Overall unit and caring service we've obtained so far. I would buy from the company again and the 3rd unit. GA5153W for Volkswagen (VW): I recently purchased and installed Eonon GA5153w units. Absolutely love it! It came quickly, and very easy to install, so thank you.  GA5162F Android Car DVD Player for Ford Focus / Mondeo / S-MAX. My own installation. Everything is working well (touch screen, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, RDS ......). That sounds better than the original Ford Radio 6000CD better, but I do not have an amplifier. I have installed Nokia in this application as a free navigation software and it works like a charm. I have to mention and Eonon support team (special thanks to Alice) excellent feedback. Some minor problems, such as back the wheel of next / previous buttons (my device is configured to pass on the left side of the car, but the other side of the mine at the wheel), will be solved thanks.  GA5165F: Very fast shipping, the best quality products. I bought GA5165F BMW 3 Series, it works great, you will not need anything. It fits like the Android OEM head unit is really fast! I installed myself, eonon is very useful video tutorial install a different pattern. Do not eonon doubt, you'll love it! GA5173F Ford owners said Installation is very smooth easy to install antenna adapter I purchased a great job so far everything seems to be great work! GA5180F Car DVD Player for Chevrolet and GMC: GA5180f just completed the installation of my 2012 Chevrolet Silverado to the LS. First is delivered. Very fast 46 hours from the order from Hong Kong to my door. (Southern Ontario, Canada).Get this free order reversing camera, the effect is very good, but it took several hours to run the wires and hook it up. Install radio went fairly well, so that all the wires tight back. YouTube provides dashboard removal and replacement of great help. Display the trigger wire is not necessary to back up the cam, I know as a radio in the truck when the opposite. Love is love and Play. It all works as advertised, it looks like a factory installed. If this is your first time, because it is for me to put it all to yourself three hours to complete perhaps afternoon. There is no explanation in the box, but if you do not see your problem. Bottom line, I would recommend this unit. The quality is there, I survive the installation process. GA5163F Mazda 3 Navigation for Mazda 2010-2013: In 2 days of delivery, installation in less than 2 hours. My 2011 Mazda 3 looks great installed a new GA5163F units. Radio reception is great for this latest version of the unit. Start time is fast too. Now, if I can get the GPS to find two or more satellites I’ll be fine!



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