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If the history of television was to be published across the front pages of a newspaper, the headlines would read very much like “the Way the Customers Want”. The story beneath may then talk about how the launch of an array of devices, technologies, channels, and experiences is positioning customers to dictate the future of television. The growth and development of television testifies as to how technology has progressed over the years, and how consumer experiences could shape a booming industry from its stage of nascence.After several stages of innovation, television (TV) has attained the form of the technology we know today. The global television market now contains wide-ranging manifestations of technology such as flat screen TV, LED/LCD TV, digital TV, curved TV, and others. Of these, the market for curved televisions is poised to grow exponentially over the next couple of years.A complete brochure for this research is available for download.According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, The Global Curved Televisions Market which stood at US$0.14 bn in 2013, is likely to reach US$8.4 bn by 2019. If the figures hold true, the global curved TVs market will exhibit a whopping CAGR of 96.7% between 2013 and 2019.Pros and Cons of Curved Television:Immersive Experience and Wider Field of ViewCurved televisions promise to provide an “immersive” experience, and allow a wider field of view. The concave shape of curved televisions reduces reflections on the screen by eliminating the angle from which they are created. In fact, the curve of these televisions helps eliminate the unintended “foreshortening” that viewers experience when sitting on one side of the unit. To put it in simpler words, the curve equalizes images displayed on the far side of the screen that otherwise would look inexplicably small compared to those displayed on the near side of screen.Reduces Visual Geometric DistortionResearch points out that the curve of screen keeps the display at a uniform distance from the viewer’s eyes if s/he sits centrally. This helps in reducing the visual geometric distortions common in flat screen televisions, whose sides of the screen are further from the viewer than the center of the screen. Hence, a curved screen tracks the natural curve of the viewer’s sight, which definitely provides a better experience than flat screen TVs.However, Not Suitable for all Living RoomsCurved screen televisions, therefore, are designed to bring a viewing experience similar to that of a movie hall to your home. However, not all of us may have a sprawling living room suitable to experience the pleasure of watching programs on curved screens. Images appear a little distorted on curved screens beyond a certain viewing point. When watching a program on a curved television, the person sitting on the left corner in a smaller room will not be able to properly view the far left side of the screen and vice-versa. This is a flip side of the technology and may hamper the growth of the curved televisions market in the near future.Read More : Article Tags: Curved Televisions Market, Curved Televisions, Televisions Market, Flat Screen



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