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Are you going to purchase a piece of lifting equipment? before you do please consider the next guidelines prior to placing your order, as they may alleviate common problems. In all probability the most vital details you'll need is the weight that may be safely lifted with the chosen device, most lifting equipment devices can be found in a variety of lifting capacities, also it is worth noting that the higher the capacity of the product will usually be more expensive, consequently it can be advisable to look carefully at the kind of loads you have to pick up and evaluate the maximum possible weight, it is smart then to add extra lifting capacity to this number to work out the safe working load or SWL of the device that you're going to need. To clarify this; if you would like to lift a load of say 200kg then you should buy your lifting gear which has a swl of 250kg or higher.  For safety reasons you must never lift loads that are very close to or over the marked SWL.Another important feature to take into account is space, especially if you are seeking to acquire a larger piece of lifting gear like a mobile gantry crane or else a jib crane this is since these products are usually made to order to fit your requirements. Initially you will need to precisely evaluate the height of the working area wherever the appliance will be used, it is no good guessing as the crane may not fit. You will in addition need to establish if the floor or other structure where the piece of equipment will be fixed and/or utilised is stable, and capable of taking the total weight of the load to be lifted. A further condition will be to evaluate the working area to ensure there is adequate space for the free movement of the lifting device.  If you are looking at a mobile device then make certain there is ample space to manoeuvre it safely to where ever it will be required.An additional safety matter regarding lifting gear products are there stability, particularly when talking about mobile or jib cranes. Structures where the jib cranes are mounted need to be assessed to make sure they are capable of bearing the load; mobile gantries are best used on solid, level and smooth surfaces, if not they could easily tip over, parking jacks and/or brakes are able to help overcome some of these problems.In conclusion, there are some vital factors to take into account before you purchase new lifting gear devices, they are also questions that will almost certainly be asked when placing an order, so always have your sizes and capacities at hand, if uncertain about any of the other elements then ask prior to ordering, a good lifting gear company will advise on the best product for your requirements.



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