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Commonly used in all kinds of building structure and engineering structure, such as the beam, Bridges, transmission tower, lifting transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse shelves of construction steel, Angle steel plays a very important role in the construction industry, is the vast number of builders and building materials dealer always focus on topic. So how to identify the Angle of the good or bad?Angle is also called Angle, is both sides mutually perpendicular Angle of strip steel, have equal Angle and unequal Angle. On both sides of the cross section is equal to the Angle called equilateral Angle steel, otherwise known as unequal Angle. Can according to the structure of the different needs of different kinds of mechanical components, also can make members between joints, is very important in engineering and metal frame connection, steel Angle for recognition, shaanxi inovance steel pipe has the following Suggestions:First of all, demanding quality documents. Certificate of product quality is qualified written documents to prove its product production enterprise, has the legal effect. The certificate must be asked for when purchasing the steel quality. All the steel from the length to width and height and ratio of just te synthesis, has a standard to follow, for Angle steel, steel plate indicating the enterprise name, product name, standards, product type, specification, batch number, etc are correct, belong to the product of the production license management, has a production license. Steel for no sign or mark, it is best not to buy.Second, the macroscopic view. The so-called the ear for virtual, seeing is believing. Inovance steel pipe co., LTD. Think, generally inferior steel its smelting technology is poor, USES materials is relatively inferior, rough surface, there are even flash (big ears), pits, buckle, such as crack, folding defect. Good quality steel the uniform color, the color is not uniform (dark red) of steel should be noticed. It is best not to buy.Third, using measuring instruments, inspection. Regular steel better dimensional precision control, and defective goods, counterfeit and shoddy construction steel generally is a little big, thick, with BoChong can smoke a few cigarettes when buying measured with a caliper, accomplish know fairly well.For steel must visit, not blindly listen to manufacturer commitment, choose well-known guaranteed large steel trading business is a solution, but I still want to keep an eye, to check is to buy steel.Hunan great steel pipe co,,ltd have many pipe inventory,if you need,pls contact us. Article Tags: Angle Steel, Steel Pipe



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