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Water supply pipe fittingsIn the past, mainly iron pipe used in water supply pipes. Mainly use sand mold cast iron pipe outdoor, indoor use is galvanized iron pipes, and can be divided into cold (electric) galvanized and hot dip galvanized. Our country has stipulated in 2000 June 1 out sand casting pipe and cold galvanized iron pipes, gradually to limit hot plating cast iron pipe in the use of promote the use of aluminous model multiple tube, plastic tube, etc. Therefore, there are three main categories of currently used pipes. The first kind is metal, such as inner lining plastic heat plating cast iron pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel tube, etc. The second category is the model of complex metal, such as plastic compound pipe, aluminous model multiple tube, etc. The third kind is plastic pipe, such as PP - R (crosslinked polypropylene, high density reticular engineering plastics.Also state regulations involved in drinking water pipeline pipe and accessories, must have the approval documents of the health sector, before sales.Plastic is commonly used in water supply pipe symbol and meaning:PP - R crosslinked polypropylene high density reticular engineering plasticsHigh density polyethylene PEPP polypropylenePB polybutenePEX/polyethyleneThe comprehensive performance of water supply pipeline requirements:As a water supply pipeline, the health, safety, energy saving, convenient. So inspection a pipe, from four aspects to check up. Health: namely pipes and fittings shall be without any damage to the human body. Safety: have enough strength and excellent mechanical properties and anti-aging, heat-resisting performance. Energy saving: inner surface smooth, corrosion resistance, the fluid resistance is small, heat preservation performance is good. Convenient: connection, construction is convenient, reliable, has the possibility of promotion of use.Such as short of the above four requirements, will damage the user's health and property safety.Several kinds of water supply pipe profile:1, aluminous model multiple tubeAluminous model multiple tube was among the first to replace iron pipes of water supply pipe, the basic composition shall be the five layers, namely, by inside and outside of the plastic, hot melt adhesive, aluminum alloy, heat melt glue, plastic.Aluminous model multiple tube has good heat preservation performance, not easy corrosion, both inside and outside wall for inner surface is smooth, the fluid resistance is small; And because can bend, so easy installation and construction. As a water supply pipeline, aluminous model multiple tube has enough strength, but such as lateral force is too big, can affect the strength, so appropriate for Ming pipe construction or buried in the wall, but should not be buried. Aluminous model multiple tube connection is card sleeve, so the construction of a is to through the strict test, test connection is firm. The second is to prevent vibration, often make the card set loose. 3 it is installed the length direction should be standing, so as not to pull off.2, plastic compound copper tubePlastic compound copper tube pure copper fittings (copper), coated with PE plastic, look from the comprehensive performance, plastic compound copper tube is slightly better than that of aluminous model multiple tube. Strength is better, for example, longer life, heat resistant performance is better. But the heat preservation performance is a little poor.Pure copper have high corrosion resistant ability, use after a period of time, the inner surface will be a layer of green oxide. But for the life of the tube, flow rate, and resistance to flow and basically no effect. Patina to human body health condition, and to have a certain ability to kill bacteria.Plastic compound copper pipe installation and welding type two kinds of methods have a card sleeve type, welding type to be more reliable.Brass, stainless steel pipe:This kind of tube in addition to the heat preservation performance is poor, other indicators such as strength, life of fluid resistance are good, set up appropriate for cold water pipeline. If used in hot water, should with insulation sheath. Connection mode is given priority to with card sleeve, copper pipe can be welded.Inside lining plastic galvanized iron pipe:That in ordinary galvanized pipe wall lining a layer of plastic, make its have corrosion resistance, small resistance, good thermal insulation performance, have the characteristics of high strength galvanized pipe itself at the same time. The pipeline connected by rib.Plastic pipe:Plastic tube as long as the material which conform to the requirements of the standards, can have enough strength and service life, safety and health. It is the best of the all the pipe heat preservation performance. Plastic pipe USES the hot melt welding, high reliability, as long as the construction is correct, the pressure testing normal pipe welding, there will be no leakage loss



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