Celebrate,Eonon,60000,Fans,wit technology Celebrate Eonon 60000 FB Fans with Great Offers on Android C

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Hooray! Eonon has reached this new milestone on FB! Without you we won't make it, many thanks your great support! Now a REAL DEAL for you fans on all Eonon Android Car DVD Player here:http://www.eonon.com/2016Celebrate-Eonon-60000-FBFans-with-Great-Offers-on-Android-Car-Stereo-Android-Car-DVD-Car-GPS-Car-DVD-player.aspxBig difference before and after mounting the Eonon Android Car DVD! Fall in love with the 2nd one with GA5150F BMW Navigation? :D Glad to tell you now the before and after price is different too, a real deal for Android 4.4 units is for you.Which game you'd like to play on your Eonon Android Car DVD? Our fan Daniel Medrano like Zootropia for his GA5153F Android Car DVD Player! Yes this unit is confirmed to fit BORA(2006-2015) too!Are you still waiting for D5124F head unit for your E39 1996-2003? Great news to tell you that we have new model D5210Z to replace it, and it is released today, cheers! ItPerfect fit for your BMW E39 1996-2003. It has the below great features:1. With desperately waited new design, Eonon''s painstaking effort product2. Powerful dual can bus system retains the original functions of your car3. External DAB+ Input to V0036 (need to buy extra) helps you receive crystal clear4. audio and provides access to a wider variety of stations.For Eonon GA5163F Mazda 3 Navigation Bluetooth steering wheel control (and possibly other units)First, some background information on the steering wheel controls (for those who are curious!).The same comparison, most other cars - the two wires will introduce effective depending on which button is pressed specific resistance.For most of the line of control buttons (volume, seek mode, mute) straight into the audio unit (your factory stereo), so you can plug and play harness interception by Eonon plug.The good news is that it is very easy to intercept this Bluetooth button on the control line as well. You will need to make on the module inserted into the connection between a line (after leaving the Defense Department off this plug!), And connect it to the "SW2" input on Eonon unit. This is the resistance control input line (I think you can use SW1, because they might do the same thing, when you have two different circuits buttons, but I have not tested this, so Eonon may be able to confirm this ).Bluetooth module factory is located behind the glove box, behind a removable shelf, as shown in the picture to see. Because I do not use Bluetooth factory any more, it does not seem necessary, even with this insert, so I welded together into what I needed to wire and cable and simply tied this way. It may be a good idea, do not put it into, in case the module impact resistance value of the button.You will now have access to factory Bluetooth module. In my car, which is located in the picture below, you can see the square. You have to stick your head in there to see it. Mine has an orange sticker, clear words "Bluetooth module."Unplug the Bluetooth module small tape (PIC has been done above). Check this diagram to identify the beginning and the pink line documentation (red circle circuit diagram and shown in the picture). In my line you can see, I've been stripped of a short section of bare copper wire welding preparation.Put your short wire and the final resistance and thermal shrinkage or tape. One end connected to the pink line, the other end of the wire harness SW2 is EONON input.The SW2 wire insulation, by default, not in use, so just a little bit of wire stripped and connect to it. Be sure to isolate all.Bluetooth module cable tie harness (now do not get re-inserted!) Somewhere on the way (to maintain a clear balloon wire or other systems), and reinstall the glovebox and luggage rack. Installation Eonon equipment properly and let it run up.To configure a button to enter the main screen and open the settings. Scroll down and select the "steering wheel buttons." If you have GA5163F Mazda 3 Navigation, please check the details on Mazda 3 Forums:http://www.mazda3forums.com/10008649-post174.htmlLast, great news to tell you that our Android 2 DIN Car Stereo, Opel Navi and Vauxhall Sat Nav are on Sale for celebrating 60000 Fans. Have you liked Eonon Facebook? Great news to tell you that Eonon has reached a new milestone with 60,000+ Facebook fans! Our FB is one of the best car audio communities as you can see! Many thanks for your great support! Come to like our FB if you haven't. As we have a REAL DEAL on all Android 4.4 units for Eonon fans, including the Android 2 DIN Car Stereo and many Vehicle specific GPS navigation for BMW, Ford, Mazda 3 Navigation, Opel Navi, Volkswagen and more. This great deal will definitely help you save a lot! Welcome to grab it below.



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