Corrosion,spiral,steel,pipe,pr technology Corrosion of spiral steel pipe production requirements

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Corrosion of spiral steel pipe production requirements according to the national standards for production, the unique processing method in accordance with the standard is unique, but are consistent with national production standards, and to comply with and implement.1, the oil and gas with three layers of polyethylene anticorrosion insulation steel pipe, steel pipe. Demand in the process of transportation of natural gas, used three layer, or layer of polyethylene insulation pipe, application of steel tube in this way can ensure that the transportation safety and has been effective in, guarantee the steel pipe from corrosion or damage. The anti-corrosion insulation pipe is execute standard sy/din30670 t0413-2002, when production is in accordance with the standard production, ensure the smooth progress of work, guarantee the quality of the product.Eyes anti-corrosion steel pipe processing varieties has the following kinds of insulation, demand set and choice, on the basis of the unique conditions below introduce you the anti-corrosion insulation pipe processing varieties: in terms of overall excess capacity is the most typical thick wall steel pipe, memory 2009 thick-walled steel pipe excess capacity up to 100 million tons, nonetheless, steel investment continues to add new capacity continue increasing. While the thick wall steel pipe products and inorganic salt industry such as investment growth is far higher than the industry average increase, methanol and other coal chemical projects "blossom". In addition, according to fa monetary fund (imf) forecasts, 2009-2012 years of global shipbuilding capacity is 100 million ton.From the thick wall spiral steel pipe product structure, excess production capacity significantly mid-range's sphere. At present, domestic besides high-end advanced processing and mineral products, the vast majority of graphic metal smelting capacity, yield was first in the world2, oil with fbe (single fusion bonded epoxy powder anticorrosive) anticorrosive spiral steel pipe, and domestic most vivid thick wall steel tube metal smelting severe overcapacity.3, water supply pipeline to cement mortar lining steel pipe anticorrosion. Demand for application in water supply pipeline cement mortar conveying the anti-corrosion insulation pipe, tube of water and sediment in the steel pipe has been effective barriers, reduce the transmission of the resistance. Implementation of standards for the production of the anticorrosive spiral steel pipe is cecs10:89.Debated expand domestic engineering machinery enterprise production line, the industry's top six companies have been extended to the whole series of products, which tended to low level, low prices, industry technical level has not improved. Shipbuilding capacity is generally form making excessive power expansion, high technology, high added value product development power is not strong.The anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe. Fancy transport material may need original material of steel pipe in transport, to ensure the safety and reliability of transport material. Fbe anti-corrosion insulation pipe and 2 fbe anti-corrosion insulation pipe has consistent production standard, production and processing standard sy/t0315-97, sy/t0315-2005.4, epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion glass cloth spiral steel pipe. The anti-corrosion insulation pipe is very important and effective corrosion protection of asphalt, preventing the harm of asphalt was carried out on the steel pipe must. Production standard: sy/t0447 gb50268-97-97.



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