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Today LED technology is replacing the technology of old traditional lights. If you are also planning to replace traditional florescentbulbs with LED tube lights on your own then here are some important tips, which will be helpful for you in The huge variety of home school supplies available does notmake choosing what to buy easier – it makes it harder.  With so much choice and brands that promisethe earth and yet are often so like one another, parents are often left in aquand

Flow charts are graphical representation of a pseudo code (Algorithm). It is mostly used in software development to explain the work flow of logic. It is very useful in understanding of logic flow of an application.Benefits of Flow Charts:Flowchart shows every process step in detail.It shows step by step execution of a process.It helps other users to be familiar with logic flow of an application.Flowchart creates a road map for application development Pseudo Code Fetch_EmployeeThis will be used to fetch employee information from file New hash table objectif employee infromation file doesnot exist            return the empty hash tableElse            Create a new StreamReader to read emloyee information file            Read Line By Line                        Add employee information to HashTable            Close the opened fileEndIfReturn HashTable with employee information. Read about Java Programming Assignment Help Retain_EmployeeThis will be used to store information about employee in the file Create a new StreamWriter to store employee information            Foreach Employee in employeeList                                    Write the Employee Information to file                        EndForeachClose The StreamWriter Fetch_Employee_InvoiceThis will be used to fetch employee invoices from the file New HashTable ObjectCreate a new StreamReader            Read Line By Line From file                        Add Invoice Information in the HashTableClose the StreamReaderReturn the Hash Table of invoices Retain_Emp_Invoice_DetailsThis method will store information about invoices in file permanently Create a new StreamWriter                        Read Entries in Hash Table One By One                                    Write the Invoice information in fileClose The StreamWriter Employer_DisplayIt wil display the menu to employer Loop Infinitly            Display "1. Register new employeen2. Confirm the monthly paymentn3. List all employee id and namen4. Exit"                        Read user choice                        If choice = 4                                    Display error message and loop again                        Else if choice == 4                                    Stop the loop and exit applicaion                        Else                                    Put a Switch on user choice                                    Case 1                                                Call method to register new employee                                    Case 2                                                Call method to accept pending employee invoices                                                  Case 3                                                Call method to display list of employee                                    EndSwitch                        EndIfEnd of Loop Create_EmployeeThis will be used to register new employee Read Employees Name, Job Title, Daily Rate, Id and PasswordAdd TO HashTable Emp_ListThis will be used to Generate list of all employee Generate "List of Employees"Generate "nEmployee Idt NametJob TitletDaily Rate"Each Entry in employeeList hashtable            print Employee DetailsEndloop Employee_DisplayThis will be used to generate menu for the employee Loop Infinitle            Generate "1. Check Paymentn2. Invoice Employern3. Exit"                        Read choice                        If choice = 3                                    Print Error Message and continue loop                        Else if choice is equal to 3                                    Break the loop                        Else                                    Switch on choice                                    Case 1                                                Call method The method to check payment                                    Case 2                                                Call method to generate invoice to employer                                    EndSwitch                        EndIfEnd Loop Invoice_Payment_CheckThis is used to check invoice apporved or not by employer Print "Invoice List"EmployeeInvoice invoice ;Write "MonthtAmounttStatus"Each Entry in employeeInvoice hash table            Write Invoice DetailsEnd LoopIf No Entry in Hash Table            Write "nNo Invoice Found !"EndIf Generate_New_Invoice_To_EmployerThis will generate a new invoice to employer Read noOfdaysRead Month NameRead dailyRateAdd Invoice to Employee Invoice Hash Table



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