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There was this one internet site that I have found while I was surfing the World Wide Web that still sells car phones. In the past days, car producers turn to car phones for communicating with a colleague or a loved one while traveling. But, as it seems, numerous people believe that car phones are slowly diminishing in terms of its bearing in the market. Particular functions of introductory level computers can now be replicated on a mobile phone at this point in time due to certain advancements in technology. A definite sign that mobile smartphone computers will shortly supercede the regular personal computer that we have at home.Despite of the rise of the usually utilized mobile "smartphones", a considerable portion of the mobile phone market still belongs to the car phone. The luxury car market is one of the remarkable areas in which the car phones prospers in and therefore makes cars present that luxuriant feel.  Certain prominent mobile phone makers still recognizes the importance of tapping into this market and so still continues to make car phone models. One example of this prominent mobile phone makers are Nokia car phones and Motorola car phones.The good thing regarding a car phone is that you never have to concern yourself about drawing low on battery power. You can go on a long road trip and never be concerned about looking for means to charge the battery of your mobile phone. Even though a in-car charger may be bought separately to permit in-car charging for your mobile phone, taking an extra peripheral for your mobile phone apart from your mobile phone case and regular battery charger is one extra accessory too many. To remedy poor battery life, other mobile users procure heavy duty mobile phone battery packs whose battery life is far longer than normal batteries that come with the phone. All The Same, these types of electric batteries still has to be recharged at some point thus still requires the use of various battery chargers for various conditions.The mobile phone industry still has a place for the car phone market. They may not be as common as technologically packed mobile smartphones in the market nowadays but it does have its own market to fill. Car telephones are here to stay.



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