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Playing games on Xbox 360 gaming console is sure an excitingexperience, but not knowing how to use your gaming console properly canpotentially trigger your worst nightmare. There are a number tips andtricks that users must apply to ensure you play safe while operatingtheir consoles. So, what are those tips and tricks? Let us take a look:1 - You are a game junky who can not think beyond spending countlesshours with your Xbox gaming console. While this gadget pumps up youradrenalin, make sure it needs to be shut down at least every 6 hours toprevent your TV from getting a burnt image. Play safe and shut downyour console using Xbox Dashboard. 2 - So, you like rock, eh? Good news for you! Well, now your Xbox 360can also play music. But, do not expect it to play hard rock numbers asloudly as you would expect from an exclusive music system. If you playmusic in a game, the sound effects can be reduced to some extent.However, you can manually lower the sound through the Xbox media playeronce you hit the speaker icon on the guide. Talking about music, youshould know that this awesome gaming console can also store music filesby ripping music from a CD. You should be glad that it reads a widerange of discs including CD-R and CD-RW formatted discs. 3 - Many prefer playing their Xbox 360 wireless. If you are one ofthem, make sure you have your batteries charged to enjoy playing forextended period of time. After all, no serious gamer would love to seetheir controller die before their final boss. Also, if you want to stopworrying about constant battery consumption, investing on a Play &Charge kit is a wise idea. 4 - If playing your Xbox gaming console gives you a high, playing themwith your friends offer your excitement a whole new definition. Youwould have to replace your HDD to take it to your friends` house, becareful while you replace the HDD on the top of your Xbox 360. Justclick push the button at the front of the HD and then pull it gently.Similarly, to put it back in, slide in the back end first and thenbring it down to its place until it makes a click sound. While doingall these, make sure you do not try too hard to press anything. 5 - It might so happen that your buddies might bother you while you areplaying games on your Xbox 360 with a coupe of friends. If theirfrequent interruptions get on your nerve, get rid of them by changingstatus with Online Appearance at Personal Options button. Depending onwhat your mood is, you can choose from `Away' or `Busy` or even go onthe offline mode. 6 - If you are new to the online gaming world, you may have to facedifficulty understanding the Xbox points systems. For example, if youwant to change your gamertag, you may have to do so at the cost of someMicrosoft Points. For your kind information, an MP or Microsoft Pointis the currency used with the Xbox Live marketplace, where you canpurchase Microsoft Points in 500, 1000, 2000 or 5000 denominations.Remember, you need to shell out 1 USD per 80 Microsoft Points. Hence,make sure you check out the prices and features of any game content. Article Tags: Gaming Console, Make Sure, Microsoft Points



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