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The first digital cameras were created almost 30 years ago, and it wasbig in size and weighted more than 8 pounds. Its creator and developerwas the famous engineer Mr. Eastman Kodak. It recorded different imageson a cassette and the resolution was far less than what we have today. The first hand held camera (electronic) was created in 1981, and it wasvery popular. It was called Sony Mavica and it used analogue signals(not digital) to store images. The world had to wait for more ten yearsbefore the first digital camera hit the market. It was the famous FujiDS-1P which had a memory card with 16MB for image storage. Mega-pixelresolution was introduced to users during the nineties, and that`s whenthe digital revolution began.At first, digital cameras were very expensive so only a few couldactually enjoy their benefits. After its mass production beganworldwide, they became a gadget for almost everyone. If you need to buythis fabulous gadget, check out the following tips:Always keep track with the new updated features of the digital camera.And be sure that the shooting speed is not slow, because it may bequite a problem for some models. Stick to popular brands, because theyare around for ages and their technology is advanced, tested and isconstantly improving. Also they will give you a sure guarantee for theproduct.Also check out the size because some amazing devices can be light andweight no more than 8 ounces (easily fit in your pocket). These superportable models can cost from $200 to $400. If you don`t plan to putyour camera in the pocket, even better selection can be found, usuallyslightly bigger models. They are still considered lightweight, but areless expensive. Of course, the size does not necessarily dictate theprice. It has some influence, but you are not paying only for thehardware here, as software also matters. The biggest and most advanced digital cameras are SLRs. They have thebest power solutions and greatest versatility as well as lenses whichare interchangeable. If you are not a professional photographer, you should not worry muchabout the mega-pixel resolution. Although there are 7 to 10 and moremega-pixels models on the market that will cost more, amateurphotographers should get fine quality photos with a 6 mega-pixeldevices, as the mega-pixel factor by itself will not necessarilyguarantee the best photo quality. For a tourist, having a super modernand expensive camera may be a waste of money. If you want to stay onbudget, 6 mega-pixels should be good enough.Digital cameras are nowadays automated. Everything can be done if youjust click one button. Exposure control, auto flash, image zoom -everything is just one click away. Also, flash memory cards are used tostore thousands of digital pictures. And it does not cost much. Forinstance, a card with 1GB memory costs $25.When carrying your camera, always carry it around in a safety case.They are very sensitive and need an extra care. Don`t leave them in thesun, and avoid the water. Article Tags: Digital Camera, First Digital, Digital Cameras



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