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There are many pictures than can be achieved by capturing the decisive moment or a spontaneous and unexpected image is a huge satisfaction. Although it requires no special photographic equipment like expensive digital cameras, but you must have a good disposition, shoot a lot, besides the street and enjoy photography. Street photography has been carried out, provided the definition is simple: it is to photograph people in public places, in streets, parks, plazas, beaches, etc. At first sight induced a lot of respect, since shooting with the camera to strangers is not easy and sometimes it causes some discomfort. But overcoming any shyness and, above all, interacting when necessary, stay calm and show that you just want to take a picture you can achieve good results. If we ever meet someone who admonishes us to do so, we must be respectful, to explain our intent and would put the thing as deleting and go. It is a matter of finding a problem when there are so many digital cameras options.Another issue that I find particularly interesting is that walking down the street with the digital cameras looking for interesting moments to dominate and greatly help polish the photographic technique. There is usually no time to prepare a lot of takes, in composition, exposure measurement, focus on what needs to be fast and helps to practice a lot. And another key point is that does not require any special camera. Anything works, from the mobile to a DSLR, but if it is true that a small, unobtrusive camera it will be much more useful, it need not be an expensive and coveted Leica rangefinder. It is more important to anticipate, be alert to our surroundings and secure it with patience, practice and hopefully we can catch one of these images unique. Because that is the essence of street photography!It is a type of documentary photography very easy to do, at anytime, anywhere, with huge dose of spontaneity and eye wide open, you can make great pictures.We also look at some galleries and some photographers who dominate the street photography and will serve as an example and inspiration. It is essential to increase the training of digital cameras together with your eye. We will also see some useful resources. I hope to reach all aspects and if you have any questions, feedback or proposal you do in the comments. Go ahead and get ready, to go out with your camera and capture good images of street photography. Article Tags: Digital Cameras, Street Photography



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