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There are many ways to take advantage of digital camera modes. The same applies to the flash. For instance, a photo of fireworks can be obtained with an exposure of 1 / 2 sec and assembly of two photographs.   Thanks to digital photography, you can more easily address many situations of high contrast night scenes by combining multiple photos exposed each to give the best detail in an area. Obviously this technique can only be applied to architectural photography, urban scenes and other issues still. It basically consists of the following steps:1 .- Previously, if possible, should do some test shots with different exposure values and test them on your computer before to determine the correct exposure will require each area.2. - Set the digital camera on a tripod very stable, to ensure that the chosen frame will be exactly the same on all shots, this is what is referred to ensure the "record" after them.3. - Make a shot with the exposure set for the lights. Normally these will be overexposed 1 or 2 points against a medium gray. The rest of the picture appears very dark but this should worry us because we will solve it with the next shot.4. - Now adjust the digital camera exposure for the shadows in accordance with the values of our previous tests or by checking with a magnifying glass on the LCD of the camera all the important areas. It may take another shot for buffer zones or some kind of effect, for example if you want to record the passage of cars by the trail of their lights moved.5. - Once downloaded the pictures on the computer using a digital editing program (Photoshop, GIMP or similar) to combine them. Open a new document and upload each of the photographs on a separate layer.6.-Then to combine them you will use the option called "Plot" ("Screen" in English) that is selected in the tab on the layers in the auxiliary window layers. In this way we do is the equivalent of a double exposure in camera with the two images, so that the targets of an overlap with the other. Adjust each of the images, noting the overall effect and we have our picture with all digital camera exposure values. Find out, which are the best ways to mix and match settings. You can become a photographer in no time. Despite what people say, you can work on it and master your skills.



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