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Some Terminology Usenet Users Should be Familiarwith Most users are familiar with email. Email accountholders receive mail in their inboxes. Many times email users segregate theiremail based on its nature or subject and keep it in separate folders. This waythe mail is easy to track, read and use. The messages received through emailare comparable to the articles received on Usenet. The email folders are comparableto Usenet Newsgroups.  Usenet users access the Newsgroup they’re interestedin based on its contents. Email users follow much the same routine when they opena folder on a particular subject. Users will read, write, forward, and reply toarticles similar to the items contained in the Newsgroups. Other Usenet users canreceive such articles and send messages or posts. There are currently more than110,000 newsgroups available for access to Usenet users. Let’s discuss some ofthe relevant terms related to Newsgroups. Newsgroups The concept of an Newsgroup is similar to forums on the World Wide Web. Internetforums have threads and associatedposts which users read according to their preferences. Usenet has discussions under Newsgroups, which bundlesimilar articles together. The Newsgroups follow a hierarchical organizationsystem. The naming structure that Usenet uses is known as Newsgroup Hierarchies. Topical prefixes categorize articles intorelevant Newsgroup classes. Newsgroup hierarchies are divided into eight majorcategories. Some of the most popular categories include: -         Comp: Discussion of computer-related topics-         News: Discussion of News-         Sci: Discussion of scientific subjects-         Rec: Discussion of recreational activities -         Soc: Socializing and discussion of social issues-         Talk: Discussion of issues such as religion andpolitics-         Misc: Miscellaneous discussions not categorizedunder other headings Articles The purpose of an article in a Newsgroup is to discuss a topic or share information. Theword retention is used commonly withNewsgroup articles. Retention is a term used to describe the length of time aUsenet server retains an article. Another term that pops up with articles is completion. Completion signifies theratio of actual available articles on the server to the number of articles thatshould ideally be on the server. Selecting a News Client Selecting a news client can be an intimidatingtask. There are easily around 100 such clients available. To narrow the selectiondown, the benchmark criteria for a particular Usenet news client should beperformance, price, search capability, and compatibility. The most popular news clients are also the easiestto use for a newbie. Users should read the rules and regulations before gettingstarted with posting, reading, and discussion on Usenet.



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