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Is OnlineStorage Safe for a Business? Most business owners are curious whether or not online storage isa safe alternative for protecting files, data and media. What business ownersdo not realize is that when they store their critical data on hard-drives orbackup disks, they are not in control. Backup disks and hard-drives provide theillusion of control and security. This is because the user has a physical itemin front of them. The issue, however, is that physical item has more securityrisks than online storage. In a simple answer, online storage is very safe for businesses. Inmost instances, online storage is safer than traditional computer storage. Thisis even truer when the computer storage relies on backup disks and externalhard-drives. SSLEncryption Data When hackers or third-parties access a user’s computer or network,they can see critical data and even download that data before the network hastime to protect it. When information is stored through online storage, it isencrypted and protected before it even finishes uploading. On top of theencryption, online storage providers offer backup solutions. That means thereis an added security layer for users since they will be using a tunnel systembetween the network, servers and encryption. Online storage providers utilize what is referred to as SSLencryption. SSL, also known as Secure Socket Layer, is a security concept userssee on banking and other financial websites. Essentially, SSL encrypts data online.Even though a user cannot see it, their online storage provider utilizes this samesecurity measure. SSL encrypts a user’s data during transfer as well as whileit is stored on the server.  OnlineStorage and Secure Passwords Though online storage goes to great lengths to protect a user’sdata, the user must also create a secure password. Security on an onlinestorage site is only as secure as the weakest link. In this case, that is theuser’s password. Users are unclear about what makes up a strong password. Arandom combination of numbers and letters is essential. Online storage providerswill typically require the user to create a strong password that includes atleast one number and one capitalized letter. If the online storage providerdoes not, the user should create a password using the same rules to protecttheir storage. Business users can access online storage to protect their in-housestorage. Even if a business user feels their in-house storage is safe, theyshould strongly consider an online storage option for maximum protection.



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