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Mobile app development is a high grossing industry today and therefore most software designers engage in the creation of apps for mobile devices and platforms. However, out of the thousands of applications built every month, only few make it to a major app store or are available for secure download. The reason why most apps get rejected by mobile reviewers is because they lack in essential features. Here we list for you the important elements that best selling mobile applications must possess:1. Compatibility with operating systems – Today, most mobile apps designed by modern software developers are cross platform software. This means that they have to work effectively when run in the major OS platforms. However, the apps are often not compatible with one or more operating systems. A key feature of popular mobile applications is compatibility with traits, guidelines, and functioning of the platform in which it is deployed. Only a compatible app can provide superior quality UI experience to the target audience; incompatibility will lead to poor app functionality and will thus discourage users from downloading the software.2. Consistently well performing – The popularity of a mobile application and hence its sale in the market depends on how consistently it performs in different types of devices and platforms. For this purpose, developers must release only a thoroughly tested app in the mobile market. For instance, a good app is one which will run in spite of no internet connectivity. This aspect makes it clear to the user that the app is reliable; he/she will download the software at a higher rate and it will thus be a top selling mobile application.3. The loading time should be less – If a mobile application takes a long time to load, users tend to avoid using it, thereby resulting in low sales rate in the market. Ideally, the time taken for an app to load in a device should be below 5 seconds. If the loading time crosses 10 seconds, the audience becomes impatient and cancels downloading the app. There are however exceptions to the rule, since there are mobile applications which use up huge quantities of data before startup. The loading time of such apps automatically goes up. But developers should remember to design a separate loading screen for such apps, where they will be notified about the time left for completing the loading process. 4. Try to provide an experience free of advertisements – Though this is not the first criterion for best selling mobile applications, featuring less ads will provide a more enjoyable user experience, say mobile analysts. Developers should take care that their mobile apps are not filled with banners of ads; however, important advertisements and ads related to similar category of software can be promoted. The reason why in app ads interfere with the user experience is that the user is disturbed while browsing through the features of the software.5. Pay attention to app utility – Developers need to make sure that a mobile app is useful, performs specific tasks, and serves a particular purpose for it to sell well in the market. Mere investment on attractive looks and unique qualities will attract initial users but will not ensure long term usage.The best selling mobile app is one that users turn to repeatedly. Developers should follow the above tips to design such apps.



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