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The process of determining how usable, functional, and consistent a mobile application is when installed in mobile devices is called app testing. There are thousands of mobile applications selling in the market today. Therefore, the level of competition is also very high. In order to get their apps featured in the major app stores, it is necessary for a developer to test the quality of the software before submitting it for review or launching it in the market. App testing leads to enhanced user experience and all software development companies must test their apps across multiple OS platforms, browsers, and smartphone models. Here we discuss about the different ways in which an app can be tested:1. Connectivity testing – In this type of testing, the developer must see whether their software can identify network connections such as 3G, Edge, or Wi-Fi.2. Cross platform testing – If the mobile application created by the software developer is a cross platform app, it must be installed in all the major operating systems such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile and checked for accuracy of functionality. This form of testing is also known as Compatibility testing, where it is seen if a mobile application is compatible with all types of OS platforms and the mobile devices they are running in.3. Orientation testing – This is a form of testing for which the developer must switch on the mobile device in the portrait or the landscape mode. If the application successfully functions in both modes, it is termed as an effective app. 4. Interruption testing – In this type of mobile application testing, the app is run in the devices while other functions (or interruptions) are being carried out. If the app still operates successfully, it may be launched in the market. Some such interruptions may be identified as receiving an incoming call, reading or receiving a text message, shutting down the device, low battery conditions, taking pictures with the camera, and losing network connectivity temporarily.5. Web service testing – This is a form of mobile application testing in which the developer must be able to name the web service language being used in the app and also categorize the web server location. This includes checking app features such as seeing the time zone, etc.6. Volume testing – This is one of the most important forms of mobile application testing because it allows the developer to determine whether the app will function properly if large volumes of data are stored in the mobile device. Operating an app in devices where too much information is already stored is often a failure since the device tends to hang.7. Universal testing – This is a form of app testing where a mobile application needs to be run in different forms of mobile devices, for example smartphones and tablets. If the features and functionality are available in the same way in both types of devices, it is termed as a successful mobile app. 8. Monitoring of battery consumption – This is perhaps the most important part of app testing. It should be conducted irrespective of the app testing method used by the developer to determine the functionality of his/her mobile application. Checking the level of battery consumption when apps are running in the device is important. The consumption rate should not be very high.The above are some of the most important types of mobile application testing.



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