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The first generation of Apple has been published for more than six years since 2007. The iphone of Some Apple fans has beyond the warranty period. So the question is that these Apple users had to replace some of the cell phone parts of their iPhone. But the cell phone parts of their iphone are very experience. They cannot afford to buy it. We take the iPhone4 as example. The Apple's sales department has this kind of provision that the iphone which has beyond the warranty period has not had the replacement iphone repair parts for its maintenance. If the users want to change their cell phone parts for their iphone, they should pay much more money for them. The unreasonable terms of Apple have received much critical. But so far now on, Apple has not made any concessions. However, there are some online stores who have grasp this good business opportunity and they have started the professional online shop for the DIY maintenance mobile phone and the cheap cell phone parts such as the iPhone repair parts and the iPad repair parts. The electron-parts is a professional company in providing wide range of high quality cell phone Replacement Parts with the cheaper price than the official smart phone shop. If you enter the official online shop of electron-parts, which URL is , you could found that there are nearly almost one hundred types of the cell phone parts such as the battery, camera, LCD, HOME key, audio cable and other cell phone parts. You can also buy a full set of disassembly tools and detailed disassembly instructions which will teach you how to do it by yourself. The price of the online shop is much lower than the real store, which is the reason why most of people are willing to take risks. As the example said, the mobile phone back cover of a female client has been scratched and the official Apple repair shop said that the replacing for back cover will cost her 400 RMB. And the price of the private repair shops was also more than 100. However, the woman had chosen the online shop of electron-parts. At last, she only spent 3 RMB for that. The people who buy the Ipad repair parts such as the galaxy s repair parts and the iPhone repair parts back to home and repair the cell phones by themselves are become more than before. But we should take care of that the DIY would also have some risks because we are not the professional people who can do the repairing successfully. Article Tags: Cell Phone Parts, Iphone Repair Parts, Cell Phone, Phone Parts, Iphone Repair, Repair Parts, Online Shop, Parts Such



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